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January 05, Have a look here.

Home Help Search Login Register. RichardTSchaefer on January 05, I hame the same problem and Your advice not working. Facing the same issue Please login or register to see this image. eversprnig

Hopefully the remote control when wanted won’t reflect these discrepancies. I am using the Ecolink one myself, because it was the cheapest one that offered a hardwire terminal link option.

Everspring Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor

One thing I can tell you about is the speed. Posted July 16, I don’t think the Yagi puts more power requirements on the sensor.

And he’s drunk all of the time. Home automation is about automating what we normally do.


Dm103 Help Search Login Register. The only action that wakes up HG is the tampering switch. Posted May 15, Posted September 5, Posted July 26, Originally posted by Snelvuur View Post. Not the battery level and not the ligne with the state of the device.

Hopefully the remote control s,103 wanted won’t reflect these discrepancies. January 10, I had the same problem but I removed everything and added the devices in the locations they were to be used and have no problems now. Whether the Yagi plus feeder works is probably worth a bit of trial and error, but at mhz the losses may exceed the gains.

That way you can wire up an old doorbell, or use cheaper non-Z-Wave magnetic or motion sensor arrays and turn them into Z-Wave. Posted September 3, The latter lets you create your own condition names and associate condition expressions for these.

Everspring – Z-wave Door/window Detector Sm | eBay

Check out our Community updated “known to work” device list. Does anyone have any ideas how i can use the re-confirmation that the device is tripped as a trigger? I always try to push 3times tamper switch: Sign In Sign Up. I’am using R, Raspberry and razberry Thanks in advance eversprig advices.


Everspring SM103

I found a workaround, after changing the “Wake up interval s ” of the SM from tothe sensor is working perfect. Does anyone have any ideas how i s1m03 use the re-confirmation that the device is tripped as a trigger?

If a post of mine seems eversprnig little off kilter, it’s probably because he made it. Did you miss your veerspring email? Is this any different from the HRDS-1 from hawking?

Smy mistake I did not have the core plugin installed. And he’s drunk all of the time. Did you miss your activation email? So in essence it shouldn’t matter what an icon looks like as long as the house does things for us which would normally take personal effort. After this time HC2 does not respond from sensor events.