Gendercide and genocide Beyond ‘Gendercide’: Incorporating Gender into Comparative Genocide Studies · C. Carpenter. The International. In the first chapter of his edited volume Gendercide and Genocide, Adam Jones asserts that “gendercide,” in a global-historical perspective, “is a frequently and. Gendercide is the systematic killing of members of a specific gender. The term is related to the Gendercide shares similarities with the term ‘genocide’ in inflicting mass murders; however, gendercide targets solely one gender, being men or.

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Lastly, there are the cultural codes and humanitarian biases that have been pervasive throughout cultures. It derives two normative propositions from the historical record: The most widespread form of femicide is in the form of gender-selective infanticide in anv with strong preferences for male offspring such as China and India.

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Integrating Gender in Economic Analysis 1 Chapter The witch-hunts, moreover, are best seen as part of a wider campaign to criminalize women’s actions, exemplified by “a new punitive attitude towards The first comprised those prisoners who were selected and executed as “politically intolerable. We should by no means limit our framing to the traditional politico-military one. Such total wars in microcosm tend to enlist all members of the “civilian” population in military or quasi-military activities — which may explain the determination of many conquerors to engage in “root-and-branch” extermination of the entire city or community.

It is remarkable, though, how invisible or barely-visible the gender variable remains in this emerging literature, at least as far as non-combatant males are concerned. Around noon the first ahd was led to the compost heap, gunned down, and burned under piles of cornhusks.

But men were sorely pressed when it came to doing any work other than herding, which allowed them to stay under cover with a rifle ready at all times. It may also say a good deal about our biases. I hardly ate for two weeks,’ he said. This was the usual procedure, though in some cases the warning was given by the soldiers or gendarmes slaughtering every male Armenian they encountered in the streets. It appears that women were active in building up reputations by gossip, deploying counter-magic and accusing suspects; crystallization into formal prosecution, however, needed the intervention of men, preferably of fairly high status in the community.


In the Greece of B.

Two examples of the latter in the case of the Jewish holocaust are the female “work” camps, and the genocidal death marches from their gates at the end of the war. Again, though, the “gendercide” framing sheds new light on Nazi procedures. How many instances one could locate beyond the infamous Nazi case is uncertain.

Femicide is defined as the systematic killing of women for various reasons, usually cultural. Regardless, and crucially, the most vulnerable and consistently targeted population group, through time and around the world today, is non-combatant men of a”battle age,” roughly 15 to 55 years old. Feminist Epistemology and the Politics of Knowledge: The subsequent essays–some original, some drawn from a special issue of the Journal of Genocide Research and other sources–expand, diversify, and criticize this framing of gendercide.

When the men arrived, “they were thrown without explanation into prison, kept there a day or two, and then marched out of the town in batches, roped man to man Beatings and abuse by the guards were commonplace. Eclampsia, a condition possible pre, during, and post childbirth, is characterized by seizures due to high blood pressure, kill another 75, through damage to the brain and kidneys.

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Even more striking, the worst proportion of all comes for the age group to When women tried to protect the men of their families, they were given a few blows and forcibly separated from the men.

The Holocaust falls within the category of genocide but can also be categorized as gendercide; in such instances, women were chosen for execution more than their male counterparts, and females were sent to ‘work camps’ where many were killed. Female-perpetrated femicide and attempted femicide: But the proportion then gets worse stilland for theand [cohorts] remains a set to The events certainly have been so construed in the feminist literature and the wider public debate — apparently without encountering insuperable analytical difficulties.

Sifting such figures today is like sifting the ruins of an Auschwitz crematorium. The link between the gendercide against Soviet POWs and the Jewish holocaust may extend further still.

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Gendercide is the systematic killing of members of a specific gender. The full extent of India’s ‘gendercide’ https: And males overwhelmingly constitute the public face, at the very least, of those elite sectors. Huttenbach contended that this “is an error because empirically genderfide homosexuals nor women under Hitler were the targets of genocide. A few minutes later a group of about 70 were forced to lie down in three neat rows and were machine-gunned in the back.

The last survivors often staggered into Aleppo naked; every shred of their clothing had been torn from them on the way. Questions of Marginality Chapter 2: