The following is an “Incompletion Triggers” list to assist you in evaluating your current This list has been taken from Getting Things Done. Trigger list for incomplete tasks for weekly planning under “collect” step of GTD (An Incompletion is anything you pay attention or give thought to that needs to. My tribute to all the GTD junkies out there (a group that for a long time included me) — a massive list of GTD stuff. It’s far from comprehensive.

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Actually, I do know, these guys have executed on big things that impact my daily life and I liwt that. Embrace this crew of people. This the process our brain takes when accomplishing tasks and should be applied when we are planning our projects. Pros, Cons and Tips.

Trigger List

Projects started, not completed. Tell others about GTD, of course. Hobbies books, music, movies. Who needs to know? In order to gain control, you need to gather everything that you consider somehow incomplete. Product Management, Feature Development, Product Performance, Product Marketing As I went through this exercise, I had a chance to think through the different types of work a Product Manager interacts with to get the job done.

What I did instead was create a list of my own, taking incmopletion the points which were relevant. Something about the iteration, background noise and community felt like a massive advantage I had in my corner.

Start to Get Organized: The Mind Sweep

Obviously these will evolve as the year goes on. I have been to the Evernote conferences, think Phil Libin was a visionary leader selfie there and continue to be a paid user of the product.

Recently we have found ourselves with little to talk about related to life tasks and schedules as we leverage basecamp and email for passive communication about life stuff. I know that Mattermark and CB Insights have these by segment, but I want my own list and to apply my own logic. He is also a Software Engineer who is passionate about personal productivity and the GTD philosophy as a means to a better life.


Once I have completed the item I cross it off both lists. My dailies are mostly Next Action lists for the day, events, memories and brain dumps. I realize this sounds lame but I did it and it yielded results. Feature Development Scoping, customer interviews, idea validation, wireframes, designs, details and QA.

It consists in identifying anything concerning your work or your personal life which you consider should be different, and put it all in one single place, which we can call the in-basket. Given a seed list of Notes or a Notebook, I want Evernote to help me: Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Organising In this phase you take all of the ideas from your brainstorming session and formulate them into some form of plan.

Trigger List – 43FoldersWiki

I always do a weekly review of all the tasks I have to get done. If you asked people on the street about GTD maybe 1 would know, this sucks. Projects formal planning goals, targets, objectives. This clarity enabled me to plow through other emails whereas with Apple Mail or other email clients these emails tended to pile up until I was a bit overwhelmed and put off by my inbox.

This details all the separate parts of the project that need doing for it to be complete. The exercise of building them and the value they bring to a Mind Mapping or Design process have proved beneficial to me over the years. To start with I wrote a Master Project list, this was the place I write down all of the projects that pop in my head I want to complete. Within each Theme are several page stories written by Entrepreneurs, VCs and other interesting people in the software, internet, product development, startup realm.


As you wake up to an inbox with 50 or so new emails as I do each day, Mailbox makes it very easy to archive, delay until later or reply. I have found applying this method to my project planning extremely helpful when plotting and planning my projects.

But it is also something triger should do from time to timeespecially after a period in which, for whatever reason, you have lost a considerable part of control over your world.

Getting Things Done | Read, Write, Inspire | Page 2

This new and strange noise you hear in the engine of your car, what can it be? Chapters that blew me away and taught me something brand new: Administration legal issues, insurance, procedures, etc.

What immediate action needs to take place so you can move the project on.

Errands drugstore, market, bank, stationer, etc. The basic principle is that you must know how your world is right now, how the map in which you move looks likeso that you can make a positive commitment to it. This phase helps to set the boundaries and scope of your project and provide motivation. So to start I drew up a Calendar as I like to always have a yearly outlook.

Ideas Here are some things to do. Collecting incomplwtion the invompletion stage of any kind of organizational work flow. However, the community around GTD is weakening.

Given a seed list of Notes or a Notebook, I want Evernote to help me:. As I went through this exercise, I had a chance to think through the different types of work a Product Manager interacts with to get the job done.