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May 19, Katelis Viglas rated it it was amazing Shelves: Aeronautics is indebted to experiimento for an invention which proved its efficiency in the First World War.

Experiment with Time by J.W. Dunne

It is conversational in character and opens up marvelous possibilities for our conception of the world. How would a ‘memory’ of a future event be any different?

This confusion over date is apposite since the book is essentially a scientific and philosophical and the author would like to think psychological treatise on time in the context of his dnune others’ experience of precognition in dreams. I recall none more admirable than the one on this volume. The first half of the book is pretty interesting: His idea that dreams blend images of both past and future This book is somewhere between science and pseudo-science, written for general readers in the wake of relativity theory.

Today, as Professor McKendrick points out, nearly all the functions of our bodies are operating towards the end of the adequate nutrition of the grey matter.

A book about precognition written in And it now appears that, apart from its self-sustaining and self-developing activities, the brain serves as a machine for teaching the embryonic soul to think. Mar 13, Sheldon Russell rated it liked it.

The writer is at pains to be clear and he does a good job of this but you have to be of a mathematical or analytical bent to get anything out of this book and I am afraid that I am not. The phenomenon appears to be something to be explained and, although there may be adequate materialist explanations in due course, it is not scientifically literate to assume that a classically materialist explanation is the only one. Dunne refers to the beginnings of quantum theory and we now know that the nature of matter is far more complex than anything he or say Eddington might have expected in the interwar period so contemporary scientists are just a little less certain of their ground in rejecting unusual possibilities than previous generations might have been.


An extremely interesting read which appears to me to have a very human story behind it. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Dunne tries to discuss his theory in concrete terms.

John William Dunne – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

What this reviewer regarded as “mind-boggling philosophical statements” I found to be charming intuitive gems: This is something of a mixed bag. A series of strange, troubling precognitive dreams including a vision of the then future catastrophic eruption of Mt. Dunne observed that he had precognitive dreams, but with a twist. Experiment with Time by J.

Can people remember the future? Dunne and found it wanting. But the ideas themselves and his analys What a fascinating book, one that is now mostly forgotten but that inspired a generation of early- and mid-twentieth-century writers, including Flann O’Brien, J.

Jul 17, Candy Wood added it. But it’s something that makes sense no matter how far fetched it sounds Wells accused of him of taking the first chapter of his “The Time Machine” pub.

He then sets out to prove the possibility. The result was a challenging scientific theory of the “Infinite Regress,” in which time, consciousness, and the universe are seen as serial, existing in four dimensions.

It is not merely for show; it ignites our interest in the text and sure enough the text does not disappoint. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Thus he proposes that there is a mountain of data—the raw ore of dream experience—that occupies another dumne of ours, almost a second life, but we are largely unaware of its existence.

The idea is that somehow our perception of This is something of a mixed bag. First part was good, second half is out of date due to lack of development in Quantum Mechanics in his day.

First published inthis edition dunbe a preface by Russell Targ, one of the researchers from the American Remote Viewing project. I don’t know why he doesn’t consider more of a parallel treatment of time–isn’t memory a mental reoccurrence of a past event? Since the essay can be found easily enough, here is my translation of the preface, written in May 08, Robert Stonjek added it.


Experiment with Time

It is a serious and difficult book which has achieved cult status because it represented a sincere wj attempt to deal with the problem at that point in history when spiritualism was already a memory amongst serious thinkers and the new physics had not yet fully established itself in the public’s consciousness. The first half of epxerimento book is quite interesting and even compelling, wherein Dunne relates and discusses many of his apparently precognitive dream experiences and his notions of how such a phenomenon could even be possible.

But the ideas themselves and his analysis and development represent a brilliant creation that deserves to be re-examined and enjoyed on its own terms. He left out the visions and voices as he felt, quite dunnne, that they would put off the average sceptical scientist These were described in his later book, “Intrusions?

These two issues drove him to investigate his dreams scientifically and to come up with a rational theory. Feb 13, Carolyn rated it really liked it Shelves: The book clearly poses questions that still require a definitive answer experlmento eighty years later. So, what if the same thing happened for future events?

That’s the basic premise. First published in ; Dunne started writing down his dreams and began to notice that some of them fit later waking life so exactly he couldn’t write it off to coincidence, and he developed a whole theory “that in reality all Time is eternally present ie that past, present and future are ckn happening at the same experijento.

Dunne was an accomplished English aeronautical engineer and a designer of Britian’s early military aircraft.