Buy ASME N TESTING OF NUCLEAR AIR-TREATMENT SYSTEMS from SAI Global. Find the most up-to-date version of ASME N at Engineering Periodically certain actions of the ASME N Committee will be published as ASME is the registered trademark of The American Society of Mechanical.

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NUCON also performs the radioisotope testing required by these documents. Basic housings are available in terms of one filter high, and up to three filters deep. Site Contents Selected content listed in alphabetical order under each group. While this axme will enable experienced technicians to become more familiar with in-place testing of air treatment systems, it is very valuable for other plant personnel as well.

The standard material used in the past and still widely used has been 5n10 oily substance called dioctyl phthalate DOP.

Evaluate at least the following impacts:. Testing requirements from these Guides are included as part of all U. The following standards and references are recommended as guidance only:. We supply the highest quality HEPA filters to the most demanding customers throughout the world. Airepure Australia – Perth.

ASME N510 Testing of Nuclear Air-Treatment Systems

If a control technology has poor safety, reliability, or control effectiveness as achieved in practice under the proposed process conditions, or the technology is not applicable to the emission unit under consideration, the technology may be eliminated with supporting documentation of the technical infeasibility.

The most effective technology may be eliminated from consideration if the applicant can demonstrate to the department’s satisfaction that the technology has unacceptable impacts. This in-place testing is necessary to insure that an installed filtration system meets minimum specified filtering efficiencies.


Call This ensures the instruments provide the most accurate and efficient operation in the difficult situations found in contaminated facilities. Airepure Australia – Canberra. I am interested in information regarding the calibration of vacuums, for example, high-energy particulate air HEPA systems. Procedures are as follows: Yes, there are accepted procedures that are used for testing the integrity of HEPA filters used in vacuum cleaners. Specific facts and circumstances may affect the applicability of concepts, materials, and information described herein.

No other company can offer such depth of experience. Some types of HEPA filters are routinely scan tested during factory production test to locate pinhole leaks.


This is an extensive hands-on approach of airflow measurements, basic air balancing and their effects on in-place testing. To the best of our knowledge, answers are correct at the time they are posted. Base all costs on the expected lifetime of the emission unit and reduce to an annualized cost for evaluation and comparison.

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ANSI/ASME N – Testing of Nuclear Air Treatment Systems

These measurements will confirm whether or not the HEPA filter s is performing according to specifications. These vacuum cleaners are used for decontamination of loose particulates from equipment and personnel.

State clearly the basis for this conclusion and proceed to the next most effective control technology. The BARCT demonstration includes the abatement technology and indication devices that demonstrate the effectiveness of the abatement technology from entry of radionuclides into the ventilated vapor space to release to the environment. Advertise Editorial Submission Guidelines.

Nuclear Onsite Testing

A HEGA collects gaseous contaminants from an airstream through adsorption. Recently completed searches may be used with department approval. H510 of these techniques has proven to be the most cost effective method to control contamination. You can find a variety of information on aerosol generators and aerosol counters for use in filter testing by searching the Internet.


A CBR filtration system is designed to provide protection against chemical, biological, and radioactive warfare agents. The book deals with many aspects of testing and evaluation of air particulate cleaning systems, including h510 references to HEPA vacuum cleaners, as can be seen from the Table of Contents available at the above link.

We have built these systems from a low of 10 CFM to a high of 36, CFM with design asmme from our standard 10 inches water gage up to 15 PSI inches of water gage. Answer posted on 24 April Modern day containment is now required in numerous industries such as pharmaceuticals, health care, military, as well as the original nuclear applications.

Likewise, participants will become more effective in interfacing with contract test personnel through a better understanding of the work requirements. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to demonstrate the effectiveness of their BARCT adme to the department. The applicant shall evaluate all available control technologies that can reduce the level of radionuclide emissions.

Nuclear Onsite Testing Source: Present an objective evaluation considering both beneficial and adverse impacts. Provide sufficient information such that the department can validate essential results. If this is not practical, you may want to consider having a service company that deals with such assessments do the work for you, especially if the vacuum cleaner is not used frequently.