The Intelligent Investor has ratings and reviews. Monica said: Benjamin Graham’s last line in The Intelligent Investor sums up the entire bo. Download Benjamin Graham – Intelligent : Intelligent Investieren () by Benjamin Graham and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now.

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Investierren is truly a modern prophet calling all speculators to a higher level of investing. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Market seems plausible, but sometimes it is ridiculous.

And even if you read and absorb every page, you’re still gragam going to be Warren Buffett. Within t This is a book that has been on my reading list for a while – as The reference in the investment field from a fundamental analysis perspective. I’d read several books about Benjamin Jntelligent as well as articles by him in the past, but this was my first foray into reading a book authored by him.

Both these men display an inhumane level of disciple to stick to the very principles they have developed. It’s pretty much investieden textbook, with graphs and charts and long complicated financial terms that you need to study as seriously as you studied for your college final exams well, maybe more seriously than that if you’re really going to get anything out of it. Commentaries and new footnotes were added to the fourth edition by Jason Zweig, and this new revision was published in The classic book on investing by the man who taught Warren Buffett.

The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

But if you want to start learning about how to invest on your own then the Intelligent Investor is a great start. An investors main goal should be to not LOSE money; To do this one must understand the distinction between ‘investing’ and ‘speculating’ and avoid the latter.

Blessed is he who expecteth nothing, for he shall not be disappointed. Unlike most finance books now, there are almost no equations in this book. I’ve been reading this book for ages, investireen because its boring or now worthwhile, but because it is so rich and detailed that I could only take it in small bites.


And through the articles that Benjamin Graham wrote, I can’t imagine that he is the father if value investing.

Anklis, and Walter J. Some people will argue that value investing is dead because the market ivestieren too efficient and technology makes information faster and decreases advantages.

A Review of The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

The real reason I mention this is that it has a much greater underlying message. Thanks for the review.

This can occur for a number of reasons including one-time events, a bad quarter or just that the stock is out of favor with Wall St. Continued dividends for at least the ibvestieren 20 years 4. Nov 07, Jason Navallo rated it it was amazing. These would put the investors in good stead, as against speculators. If value investing had a holy book of scripture, this would be it! Actually, it is too expensive for me to afford this book because it cost me almost all my graaham money.

David Intflligent is a citation. The “risk” you take on, in terms of volatility and uncertainty, should not depend on how close you are to retirement, but rather how much time you can spend on researching your investments. This book has great advice on how to find a financial advisor as well, so even if you are looking to have someone else manage your money this is a must read.

The problem was I didn’t know if I should sell or hold the stocks. Second, grzham stock-market affairs the popularity of a trading theory has itself an influence on the market’s behavior which detracts in the long run from its profit-making possibilities.

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It is not only a “book”, it is a “reference”. Strive to be cautious. Benjamin Graham emphasizes on safe investments. You’ll have a hard time not seeing so much of it as shear folly and so many “experts” right in the middle of it. And sometimes it outperforms active investing too.

ZWEIG, who – in my opinion – was up to the challenge of bringing the original text to present and to summarize and simplify each chapter by his valuable comments.

Pi rated it really liked it. If you are willing to do research, and keep current, it makes sense to invest less diversely and include higher risk stocks.


Investment here is also specifically mentioned to be different from trading or speculating. Market doesn’t mind this, intellitent will be back the following day to quote another price. The newest edition as been updated with a chapter of commentary after each of Graham’s original chapters that attempts to discuss how Graham’s advice would have held up th It’s amazing that this book is still relevant after so many years. Out and out the best book I’ve ever read on investing.

Risk vs safety Risky investments are those that have a chance of declining investierwn price, but a history grahm positive returns. Throughout the book, Graham explains where most investors go wrong and with what forms of temptation one must gdaham deal. He notes that the one principle that applies to nearly all “technical” approaches is that one should buy because a stock or the market has gone up and sell because it has declined. But for active investors, it is intelligfnt that they study Mr.

He should be able to do this work with sufficient expertness to produce satisfactory average results over the years. Market has dropped and they’ve been pulled down. In this book, Graham makes his opinion on technical analysis clear. And even if you read and absorb every page, you’re still not going to be Warre Okay, this is the book to read if you are serious about investing in stocks. Sufficiently strong financial condition 3.

By contrast, those who intelligentt protection are always especially concerned with the price of the issue at the time of study. Ben Graham recommends to have a bigger Margin of Safety and buy it really cheap. Feb 24, Q.

Most of the times, those help to understand the original text much better. The book states every minute aspect of market investments and the author warns the reader from committing judgement errors and emotional mistakes by getting obsessed with the market values.