Is there anywhere at all I can buy a simple Cmoy PCB? Just the basic design. Thats all I need. I have looked for WEEKS and yet I cannot find a. I searched the web for a CMoy (Chu Moy) audio amp PCB that would be easy to etch, solder, and used a TLECP virtual ground instead of a voltage divider. Hi there! I wanna try another headphone amplifier and have an eye on the cmoy cause it´s so simple. Because I have found a little case with.

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Back to home page Return to top. View Options and Buy. No matter where in the world you are, these guys will take great care of you. This will help cmly stability.

So if there is someone who has an opinion about it, welcome to comment. Thanks for all the answers, let there be more. Rb and Cb form bass-boost circuit. It is made in Japan by Takachi.

CMOY on PCB? | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

I’ll be back for any possible audio needs” Daniel W. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Thanks, Ideally, for a high speed op-amp, xmoy shouldn’t tombstone. If the project become what I want, I’m going to write and post more pictures here.


Post 10 of The ideal choice for your utility. Bill of Materials Download: We specialize in fun and easy to use electronic gadgets.

The extra length of the lead back to the board adds length to the feedback look, which can cause stability issues. It was intended to be as small as possible, and I thought it looked ok. Thanks for sharing this great article! If you send us an email with the instruction errors you found, we’ll fix the page.

I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic. It has easy to follow instructions and didn’t take long to put together. The resistors and diodes must be assembled vertically to reduce occupied space. Join our mailing list and stay updated about pioneering hardware and Tindie community activities.

cMoyBB v2.03R PCB – Rechargeable

This is my attempt to make a pcb for a cmoy. Post 9 of D1 is Schottky diode for avoiding any damage when the voltage with opposite polarity is connected.

Even was caught off by the esd bag it was contained in. Share This Page Tweet. This imformation is very much cmky and useful.

Great, sturdy little powerhouse. Bare PCB only; parts and assembly required.

Banzai V2 CMOY Headphone Amplifier DIY Kit PCB Amp HiFi | eBay

This seller is on vacation. Power transformers in India Toroidal transformer in India. I have tried a test implementation, by just soldering the components together minus the charging circuityou can imagine how messy it looked, but it actually worked. Product Description The cmyo Headphone Amplifier is a headphone amplifier kit suitable for use with portable audio equipment, smartphones, computers etc. Great way to make your amp yours! Post 12 of Everything seems to be high quality.


This site uses cmoyy to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Their customer service and support is equally awesome. D2 limits the maximum voltage in the input to 12V. Headphone Reviews and Discussion – Head-Fi. I made the holes according the position of components on the PCB and than I pfb the bottom of the tin with insulation to avoid some short circuit, because the tin is from conductive material.

Keep posting the updates. I’ve never played with all these tweaks, but many diagrams omit the de-coupling caps as it is assumed that you pccb put them in. Received two AMP32 kit from 41hz.

These components increase the gain for low frequencies. Hi, nice blog entry. R3 and R4 define the gain of the amplifier 5x in this case.