Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Aux Éditions Robert Laffont, Jean Raspail a publié, entre autres, La Hache des steppes, Le Jeu du roi, Qui se souvient des. Editorial Reviews. Language Notes. Text: English (translation) Original Language: French The Camp of the Saints () – Kindle edition by Jean Raspail. THE CAMP OF THE SAINTS By Jean Raspail Originally published in French as Le Camp Des Saints, And when the thousand years are ended, Satan will.

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But his thought marched on: Perhaps there had been just fuel enough for this one and only voyage. Dio was exultant, crowing his triumph in one of his best editorials.

Le camp des Saints, de Jean Raspail, un succès de librairie raciste?

None of those underfed brains worked fast enough to picture the possible chain of events. Oct 18, Tom rated it really liked it. You raspwil it all the time, but you kept it to yourself.

My parents jeann off this morning. Then he did some rapid calculation. Still, he finds the expletive somewhat out of order. Ivory tower, moon base, bunker de luxe. The question was very well put. Jan 24, Samuel Smith rated it really liked it. Weighing our good, solid burghers down with a sense of shame and guilt. Bulldozers rolled up, driven by men in diving suits, then other machines fitted with great jointed claws and shovels, pushing the bodies together into soft, slimy mounds, scooping a load in the air and pouring it onto the fire, as dse and legs and heads, and even whole cadavers overflowed around them and fell to the ground.


For them, white skin means eds convictions. His chilling book, Le Camp des Saints The Camp of the Saintstells the story of a motley armada of clapped-out vessels transporting hundreds of thousands of people from the Ganges, via the African Cape, eventually landing in Southern France.

But he is far too accurate. Are they just going to pile up in the river? In this new swarthy reign, the white man will be the jester.

Always those spur-of-the-moment emotions or secondhand feelings, pandered by middlemen. I never use cologne. Even Worker Power, that saving grace of our society today, is nothing but a parlor game, and played in a parlor too shabby and worn to stand up to more serious frolics.

The camp of the saints (part II)

In no time the Council of Ministers gave their approval. Hero of the Soviet Union, from grenadier cadet at Stalingrad to general in the sainta, commander of the northern bank of this blasted Amur.

According to reports reaching us from the south, all still seems quiet on board the ships of the refugee fleet. And even our lowliest brothers have a rupee or two put aside for the gods.

The camp of the saints (part II) | The Spectator

Just as impossible to single out the atheist philosopher and the renegade Catholic writer, convert to Buddhism, both spiritual leaders of the little band. Now what are you going raspzil give us in return? Three gangplanks connected her to land. But you see, I too have stopped thinking and just want to tell you where I stand.

Or ,e thousand creatures on a single ship! Attempts to find private sponsors have so far failed.

The Camp of the Saints by Jean Raspail

Meanwhile in America, people cower in their apartments as migrants from South America rampage on the streets. View all 3 comments. His end was quick. The professor lit the oil lamps that he always kept on hand saits case the lights went out. Nine The India Star, moored at her berth for over a jeam, was a sixty-year- old steamer, veteran of the India mail run back under the British. With pants that hug their bellies and outline their sex?


View all 49 comments.

But how on earth. High noon, and there by the docks the little Western Consul appeared, at the head of his army. Not even the Guadalquivir and saimts Tiber. I had never heard of this controversial 70s dystopian novel before I read Hadrian’s review the other day.

Stalin himself used to dictate his finest maneuvers while he rolled around under the table each night. And yet, his death was theater at its best. For days on end he would sit transfixed on deck, in the stench of a yogi-style squat, racking his brain to the rhythmic swish of the water along the hull, trying to recall what his eyes had dimly seen. He pressed his eye to the glass, and the first things he saw were arms.

Just a victory Western style, as complete as it was absurd and useless. The language of the book is brilliant and often stronger than you may be used to. Such fine folk, too, these laborers, pensioners, railroaders, politicized peasants, placing their leftist ballots in the box, like Eucharists laid on the communion plate, and scratching their chins, deep in thought.