The new edition of the IPMVP Volume I (Concepts and Options The IPMVP is now available for free download on EVO’s Web site. Measurement & Verification Protocol. Concepts and Options for. Determining Energy and Water Savings. Volume I. Revised March The Efficiency Valuation Organization (EVO) publishes the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) to increase investment in.

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Energy Learning community online Be part of the big picture, share your knowledge and get access to experience and expertise from others Visit our forums.

This had a profound effect on the willingness of parties to invest the relevant capital required to undertake such projects.

Option A — Retrofit Isolation: There is not one single data acquisition solution that fits all projects. Option B — Retrofit Isolation: For more information please see. Option C — Whole Facility: Be part of the big picture, share your knowledge and get access to experience and expertise from others. Related posts See more entries.

As companies across the world continue to look for ways to cut their energy consumption, the requirement for confidence in these methods has never been of greater importance. Traditionally, the biggest barrier to the implementation of energy efficiency projects was the uncertainty regarding the estimation of energy savings.


Option D — Calibrated Simulation: A good example of this would be a lighting retrofit, opmvp the power drawn can be measured and the ipkvp hours can be estimated.

IPMVP – Measurement & Verification Portal

The need to understand unique project requirements will drive the selection…. This particular option requires a much more skilled approach, and as a result, is generally more expensive.

The power drawn as well as the hours of operation will have to be measured in order to determine any energy savings. Under the EEOS, all energy sales companies and energy distributors with market sales in Ireland exceeding GWh are obliged to achieve a certain level of energy savings, based on their share of the market.

In this case, energy performance 20012 the facility or sub facility is modelled through simulation.

This particular option allows for the estimation of a key parameter. This differs ipmpv Option A as all parameters associated with the energy conservation measure must be measured and cannot be estimated.


For example, consider the installation of a variable speed drive. This approach is taken where the energy use of the whole facility or sub facility e. Later in the decade, this version of the protocol was updated to include measurement and verification 20122 for water efficiency projects.

International Performance Measurement & Verification Protocol (IPMVP)

This approach is taken where no historical data is available i. Energy Management is a systematic process for continually improving energy performance. Option C is of great benefit where a number of energy conservation measures have been introduced and the overall picture ipvp the facility is required.

Please visit our website for more details. IPMVP was introduced as a guideline methodology by which the energy savings achieved from energy efficiency projects could be measured and verified in a consistent and reliable manner.

IPMVP sets out four different options for determining project savings. Other European countries have done similar through various initiatives. The type of option chosen will vary from project to project.