In June , journalist Pico Iyer wrote an essay in praise of the humble comma for Time magazine that for the first time made punctuation. Jennifer Rienzo ~ COMM ~ Online ActivityCritical Analysis of Pico Iyer s In Praise of the Humble Comma 1. Identify the thesis of Iyer s essay. Pico Iyer is giving punctuation more credit. Nobody realizes how important these simple marks actually are. Iyer says, “Punctuations are like.

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An abridged version of this was published in the Editorial page of The Times of India on February 14, but here is the full transcript for those who would like to know all he said:. Because in love the smallest things matter desperately, which is why lovers pay such attention to the tiniest marks on the page.

Here’s an interview of him by Scott London. Yet it gives the description a spin, as well as a subtlety, that it otherwise lacks, and it shows that the glasses are not part of the middle-agedness, but something else.

A yhe has the unblinking finality of a red light; the comma is a flashing yellow light that asks us only to slow down; and the semicolon is a stop sign that tells us to ease gradually to a halt, before gradually starting up again. If we were to do away with the comma, would it imply a lack of fidelity to the written language? Small, we claim, is beautiful especially in the iin of the microchip.


Essay: In Praise of the Humble Comma

Edwardian 1 Humor 46 Leisure 6 Leisure: La minka de Tilcara” Did you know…? Yet punctuation is something more than a culture’s birthmark; it scores the music in our minds, gets our thoughts moving to the rhythm of our hearts. Sometimes, of course, our markings may be simply a matter of aesthetics.

When I wrote my little essay about the comma 26 years ago, I was really writing about love. RWA Con ’08 12 Business: Punctuation is the way one bats one’s eyes, lowers one’s voice or blushes demurely.

Pen to paper: In Praise of the Humble Comma

I would highly recommend reading this essay. Why we need the comma more than ever before… February 16,8: Punctuation, then, is a civic prop, a pillar that holds society upright. In Junejournalist Pico Iyer wrote an essay in praise of the humble comma for Time magazine that for the first time made punctuation humorous, inviting, and fun for me.

WritersBlock 5 genre 1 Genre: Websites 4 Contests 6 Craft: Tuesday, February 15, at Punctuation adjusts the tone and color and volume till the feeling comes into perfect focus: A comma, by comparison, catches the gentle drift of the mind in thought, turning in on itself and back on itself, reversing, redoubling and returning along the course of its own sweet river music; while the semicolon brings clauses and thoughts together with all the silent discretion of a hostess arranging guests around her dinner table.

Why we need the comma more than ever before…

It is very difficult to adhere all the rules to write good and correct English and all the more difficult for Indians to write correct English. Keira Soleore is a pseudonym.


And taking all pauses and hesitations — not to mention — barriers out of our language would be like taking the net away from a tennis-game. Also, pieces are usually titled not by the author but by the editor. It would be like a piece of music that never halted or changed speed, but that rolled on relentlessly. Oh, yes, and National Punctuation Day is September A world that has only periods is a world without inflections.

It allows us to catch our breath and head back into a text cool and calm and, quite literally, collected. Add an oyer point to ‘To be or not to be He has written extensively on social and cultural topics, besides trying his hand at fiction and translation. RWA Con ’09 5 Business: Punctuation is the notation in the sheet music of our words, telling us when to rest, or when to raise our voices; it acknowledges that the meaning of our. Expressing likes and dislikes 2 months ago.

And taking the time to punctuate where it is necessary, though it may seem a harsh job, it is the way to highlight a text as a whole. Punctuation, one is taught, has a point: Where does the army go from here Mocking us citizens: Newer Post Older Post Home.