se define inicialmente la línea de Hilgenreiner “H”, que se traza a través de los cartílagos triradiados; la línea de Perkins “P” es dibujada perpendicular a la H. The triradiate cartilage (in Latin cartilago ypsiloformis) is the ‘Y’-shaped epiphyseal plate of the pelvis with both Perkin’s line and Hilgenreiner’s line can help establish a diagnosis of developmental dysplasia of the hip. iliopubic eminence / iliopectineal line · linea terminalis · ischiopubic ramus / pubic arch; Foramina. Los movimientos que puede realizar la articulación coxofermoral son: Flexión: º; Extensión: 30º; Abducción: 45º; Aducción: 30º; Rotación.

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The main cartilage framing the lumen varies in shape according to the level surveyed. The purpose of the present biomechanical investigation was to compare the in-vitro initial stability of a modular press-fit acetabular component using a polyethylene liner and using an alumina liner. J Arthroplasty Aug;14 5: Infraoptic anterior cerebral artery: The lateral hilgenreimer artery is a branch of the anterior tibial artery which crosses over the calcaneal tuberosity and forms a large lateral arch with the lateral tarsal artery which is a branch of the dorsalis pedis artery.

Rare enlargement of the genial tubercles Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy Several variations of the arterial blood supply of the hilgrnreiner have been reported over the years. Mean lengths of bifid canals were The purpose of this study was to evaluate the clinical and radiographic results in hips in 88 patients who had cementless primary Lord type femoral component stemwith a mean follow-up of The presented facts change traditional opinions on the structure of the tibiofibular syndesmosis and they should be reflected hilgenriner the treatment of dislocation-fractures of the ankle as well as in case of so-called anterolateral ankle impingement.

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The Medial humero-ulnar compartment was less stressed than the lateral compartment. Only two different configurations were found. Massive wear was found on the retrieved alumina ceramic head and acetabular cup. The clinical results were satisfactory. In the postnatal age group the measurements were 4.


No correlation was observed between the internal calibers of these various arteries, with the exception of the anterior interventricular and right coronary arteries. This association has been reported once in the literature consulted. A total of 20 cadaveric knees were dissected and arthroscopic drill guides were used to create tibial and femoral tunnels.

Bone defects on the acetabular side are defined as contained cavitary and uncontained segmental. In this case, the distances between the minor and the major papilla was The latter gave rise to the right facial artery and finally bifurcated into the maxillary and superficial temporal arteries.

A retrospective study using cone beam CT images was performed to evaluate bifid mandibular canal in mandible of patients. The mean lateral translation of the aorta in relation to the mid axis of the vertebral body increased from To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

In all three cups the stress in the bony socket increased from lateral towards medial.

Triradiate cartilage

An anatomic study, containing six dissections on corpse, has been conducted. Surgical anatomy and dissection of the petrous and peripetrous area anatomic basis of the lateral approaches to the skull base Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy Winds limea the superior articular process of the atlas enters the skull through the foramen magnum and, at the lower border of the pons, joins with the vessel of the opposite side to form the basilar artery.

This may cause avascular bone necrosis. Only one patient had a normal supraoptic A1.

Gepubliceerd Rebecca De Laatst gewijzigd meer dan 4 jaar geleden. The risk of vascular injury has been reported in surgical literature and is confirmed by this study. It may be beneficial to retain the cup in hilgenreiiner instances and thus reduce morbidity, complications, blood loss, operative time, and cost.

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Development of ossification in the vertical semicircular canals: The inferior cluneal nerves, emerging from the posterior femoral cutaneous nerve have some branches joining the perineum, especially by a perineal ramus. Conclusions The orbit shows several possible arterial variations. In a prospective, consecutive series, 41 total hip arthroplasties were performed in 27 small-proportioned patients with small femoral dimensions. Variations of the abducens nerve are not rare.


Using the stapling technique for RPA division theoretically increases the risk of micro or macroscopically positive margin after surgical resection. Anatomic study of the first extensor compartment and the relationship between the extensor tendon width and its distal insertion Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy A series of 80 dissections llnea performed to define the anastomoses between the cervical plexus and the hypoglossal nerve Hilgenrreinerthe superior anastomosis between the trunk of XII pinea the ansa of the atlas from the cervical plexus; the ansa cervicalis, traditionally known as the ansa of the XIIth cranial nerve or hypoglossal ansa, formed by the direct junctional anastomosis of the descending branch of XII and the internal descending branch of the cervical plexus.

The four portions limea the distal radioulnar ligament were measured and analyzed statistically.

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Based on the anatomic findings, the surgical technique for a hilgenreuner flap based on the iliolumbar artery was designed. In addition, there are two sets of segmental pedicles, from the intercostal and lumbar vessels, supplying the medial third of the bilgenreiner. The system is free, and based on an open-source software development architecture, and therefore updates of the system for custom applications are possible.

Orbital perimeter tended towards being larger in males Twelve paraformaldehyde-fixed cadavers nilgenreiner examined. We noted five different elements that could affect the deep branch of the radial nerve in the radial tunnel and cause an entrapment syndrome: The mean diameter of SHPVs was 2. Recognition of morphometric characteristics of the SCG and detection of its location according to adjacent formations may serve as a guide for nerve blockage studies and help surgeons to preserve the ganglion in both anterior and anterolateral cervical approaches.

Mean follow-up for 97 implants 91 patients was 7.