Item Summary for HITACHI Eclos 16 Slice CT Scanner. Hitachi Eclos 16 Slice CT Block ID: A MHU X-ray Tube October. Hitachi CT Scanner Eclos16 Model Information: The Hitachi ECLOS 16 is a slice non-cardiac CT, designed especially for imaging centers. New Eclos 16 Slice with MHU X- Ray Tube Consist of: Scanner Gantry Patient table (Standard Short Stroke Table) Operator’s Console.

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Since its birth inradiology has been used to study ancient mummies.

Hitachi Introduces Efficient ECLOS16(TM) CT Scanner at RSNA. – Free Online Library

Human remains were discovered during excavations of medieval archaeological sites in northwest Lombardy. If you have questions about your equipment setting up, renewal and hktachi integration in your structure, feel free to contact us.

NEW Medical Systems 66 introduces: In particular, X-ray and CT examinations showed dimorphic facial traits on the mummified skull, and the same radiological approaches allowed determining the age at death from a mummified lower limb. Simplicity of use and superior image quality for this 2D digital panoramic, designed and manufactured in Japan.

Only 3 system modules of gantry, patient table, and operation console is required. The purpose of this article is to present paleoradiological investigations conducted on several medieval human remains in Varese province.

Feel free to send us your request, filling the home page contact form. Among the medical tests available to the clinician, radiology is the most appropriate first-line procedure for a diagnostic approach to ancient human remains because it can be performed without causing any significant damage to the specimen.


This website includes information intended for healthcare professionals.

Results Radiological analysis permitted investigating 1 the sex, 2 age of death, 3 type of trauma, 4 therapeutic interventions and 5 osteomas in ancient human hitachk.

More compact operating environment than a 2 monitor console. We will answer to every personalized request, for every kind of equipment and accessories.

We offer quality equipment, tested onsite and dismantled by us. Medical Systems 66 sells and buys second hand medical equipment, with quality and reliability selection criteria. Quick-Entry mode enables simple operation for all users with fewer buttons and hihachi icons. This list is regularly updated, but non exhaustive; we will answer to every personalized request, or additional information need.

Hitachi ECLOS 4/8/16 Slice

Currently, the following devices are available: We can set it up on site with operational warranty. Supria CT is your answer to take off to the next clinical and technology standard.

The latest system design – user friendly and intuitive operation. CT analyses allow investigating different types of traumatic lesions in skulls and postcranial skeleton portions and reconstructing the gait and functional outcomes of a fractured femur.

Hitachi’s latest noise reduction technology – Iterative Reconstruction processing is applied and integrated to achieve low dose and high image quality.

Several possible platform configurations, depending on your application: Anthropological generic identification and paleopathological analyses were carried out with the support of diagnostic imaging X-ray and CT scans. Supria is designed to answer in one CT all the demands for various routine applications, compact size, useful results and ease of use without any compromise. Contact us Our team answers to every request in short time.


Hitachi Eclos16 CT Scanner – Model Information

State of the ecloz technologies for low dose are integrated as standard Supria realizes the minimum dose, As Low As Reasonably Achievable ALARAand reduces image noise and artifact to provide higher quality images. Intuitive GUI design with inch wide monitor Easy to learn and operate user-interface.

Classical physical anthropological methods were used for the macroscopic identification of the human remains. The needs for faster and more accurate diagnosis are increasing every day in the front-line of medical practice. Refurbished equipment If you have questions about your equipment hitachl up, renewal and its integration in your structure, feel free to contact us. Model names, specifications and configurations of products in overseas market outside Japan may be different by the hitahi.

Medical imaging equipment specialist Sale and installation equipment and accessories.


The top-notch gantry design with the compact body and the 75cm widest bore opening among the 16ch systems. We ensure conditioning, logistics and transportation operations. Please note that all descriptions in this website conform to the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act in Japan as well as other laws and regulations in Japan.

Hitachi Group Corporate Information.