In both Legend of Legaia and Legaia 2: Duel Saga, damage is done through the TAS (Tactical Arts System). Rather than merely pressing a button to execute a. Arts are combos that result in a special move being used during battle. To learn new Hyper or Super Arts, simply use the correct attack combination. Arts are the best way to win battles in Legend of Legaia. As your AP bar increases in size you will be able to perform better Arts. You must find the elemental.

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For example, an Art that ends with ‘Down’ can linked with another Art that starts with ‘Down’, allowing the player to use two Arts in a row costing fewer inputs. These are not recorded on the Arts Lists, so you should either memorize them or write them down. They take many more moves to pull off than other Arts, but they are generally worth using Spirit a turn simply because of the damage they can dish out.

If you see this with someone else’s name on it, gimme their name and e-mail so I can blow up their computer.

Legend of Legaia/Arts — StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki

It hits all enemies for around 4, damage. Congratulations, you now have the Legendary Rod. They are horrendously expenisive AP-wise, but the damage dealt is generally worth it.

These are learned like regular Arts. If you have anything to contribute, e-mail me! If you simply have criticism, don’t bother, I don’t really care what you think, and if you don’t like me, go read a different walk-through. Lrgaia this lowers your encounter rate and gives you access lrgaia Evil Seru Magic.


They are obtained as follows. First, get the point in the game were you have to get the Fire Droplet from Uru Mais.

In the second draft of my Arts walkthrough, the changes were as follows: This spell hits all enemies for over 7, damage, enough to kill pretty much anything that isn’t a boss or sub-boss. Just remember, they eat up AP like nobody’s business. Get to a high enough level where Vahn can fit in 9 moves without using spirit note: Supposedly, you obtain the Water Egg by fishing up a lot of points in the fishing hole near Buma.

Legend of Legaia Combos

And now there’s finally someon besides me in the Special thanks section. For Noa’s Terra, gather the Wind Books. This is all the original work of Lord Foul of Illearth Dharkshade aol. Tough Love is especially effective on Seru. Retrieved from ” http: Check wrts the two beds on the first floor for a tackle box. These books are generally either if to find in treasure chests they’re usually out in the open or obtained by defeating bosses.

What do you need help on? The key for this list is simple: He makes it into the Light Talisman, which boosts defense against Light powers and gives access to the Horn spell. I fixed a couple of Art names and moved some that were in the wrong category. Search it to make Terra L8, its highest level, and get the spell. Go down there and get the Evil Talisman out of the treasure chest.


These are combinations of Arts that end with a special move.

Legend of Legaia (e)

Just remember, they eat up AP like nobody’s business. For Gala’s Ozma, search out the Thunder Books. Just Tough Love them, kill any other enemies sometimes the charmed enemy will legakathen just beat on it until it kegend absorbed. They are the ultimate Arts and are three in total – one for each party member. For Noa’s Terra, gather the Wind Books.

You can view this list in the Status area of the Menu screen or in battle by pressing the Triangle button. When using Hyper Arts in Legend of Legaia, they are displayed in the Arts list in yellow font, as opposed to the usual blue with yellow ending.

Tactical Arts System

Jedo is an instant death spell that targets all enemies. If you see this with someone else’s name on it, gimme their name and e-mail so I can blow up their computer. You can also learn these letend people in the game, but why bother when you can get them now with a walk-through?

Arts can be learned by trying out different combinations of moves in battle. Give it to Zalan noticing a pattern?