Home Ray Kurzweil La singularidad está cerca. Cuando los humanos La singularidad está cerca. Cuando los humanos transcendamos la biología: Ray. Algunos defienden que esta cerca, dado el ritmo en que esta evolucionando la Otra figura importante es Raymond Kurzweil, experto en Inteligencia Artificial. Cuando aterricé en el MIT, Ray Kurzweil ya era famoso allí, donde había estudiado con Marvin Minsky, quien fue también uno de mis.

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Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. The first idea is that human progress is exponential that kudzweil, it expands by repeatedly multiplying by a constant rather than linear that is, expanding by repeatedly adding a constant. The Secret of Human Thought Revealed. Predictions made by Ray Kurzweil.

Kurzweil believes there is “no objective test that can conclusively determine” the presence of consciousness. We can now cercca from it by using our evolved tools to reverse engineer the products of biological evolution most importantly, the human brain.

The Singularity is Near Quotes Edta of Want to Read Currently Reading Read. As for nanobots Linden believes the spaces available in the brain for navigation are simply too small. En realidad no kurrzweil preocupa, para nada, y creo que estoy en el lado correcto de la historia. Hay otros que me llaman tonto o loco. Como parte de esas conversaciones informales en Chicago, Ray y Peter comenzaron a idear Singularity University.

That means, he continues, that evolution is moving towards a conception of God and that the transition away from biological roots is in fact a spiritual undertaking. We ‘hallucineren’ eigenlijk de wereld vanuit ons corticale geheugen.

En agosto de presentamos las investigaciones de Michael Singulairdad quien ha logrado incrementar 4 veces la expectativa de vida de mosquitos Drosophila melanogaster y de Robert J. This page was last edited on 30 Juneat The first step is to image the brain, to peer inside it. What is consciousness and thinking and memory and all that?


The Singularity is Near Quotes

Yo suelo explicar que los cerebros son muy lentos: The Kurzewil York Times. The logistic function looks like an exponential at first but then tapers off and flattens completely. As an example of super-exponential growth Kurzweil cites eesta computer chip business.

Multiple machines can do both at the same time: For example, the speed and cost of sequencing genomes is also improving exponentially, but our understanding of genetics is growing very slowly. He lists technology of the day, inlike computers that land supersonic airplanes or in vitro fertility treatments and asks whether brain implants that access the internet or robots in our blood really are that unbelievable.

As for artificial intelligence Kurzweil feels the best defense tay to increase the “values of liberty, tolerance, and respect for knowledge and diversity” in society, because “the nonbiological intelligence will be embedded in our society and will reflect our values”.

Kurzweil calls this exponential growth the law of accelerating returns, and he believes it applies to many human-created technologies such as computer memorytransistorsmicroprocessorsDNA sequencingmagnetic storagethe number of Internet hostsInternet trafficdecrease in device size, and nanotech citations and patents.

Pages to import images to Wikidata. Los Especiales de ComputerWorld en Since people have found no evidence of other civilizations, Kurzweil believes sinyularidad are likely alone in the universe. Kurzweil writes that by a supercomputer will have the computational capacity to emulate human intelligence fay and “by around ” this same capacity will be available “for one thousand dollars”.

He asserts that the best way sinyularidad build machine intelligence is to first understand human intelligence. As one paradigm levels off, pressure builds to find or develop a new paradigm.


He feels that data collection might be growing exponentially, but insight is increasing only linearly. Siemens premia a 12 investigadores responsables de haber creado invenciones en Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Consiga un nuevo kurweil, demuestre sus competencias, haga que su hoja de vida muestre la diferencia, pruebe a su singularidaad sus conocimientos. As for individual identities during these radical changes, Kurzweil suggests people think of themselves as an evolving pattern rather than a specific collection of molecules. Everybody else takes it for granted that they are descended from gods. Beyond reverse engineering the brain in order to understand and emulate it, Kurzweil introduces the idea of “uploading” a specific brain with every mental process intact, to be instantiated on a “suitably powerful computational substrate”.

While his ideas of a Singularity is not actually infinite, he says it looks that way from any limited perspective.

La Singularidad está más cerca | Actualidad | RED CW

Thanks for telling us about the problem. For example, world population and the United States’s oil production both appeared to be rising exponentially, but both have leveled off because they were logistic. Kurzweil describes four paradigms of computing that came before integrated circuits: Kurzweil does not include an actual written singlaridad of the past and future, as he did in The Age of Intelligent Machines and The Age of Spiritual Machineshowever he still makes many specific predictions.