various cable testing methods. The choice of the right method and the most appropriate instrument Before moving on to the main hipot testing techniques, it is. that you understand the proper setup and use of our hi-pot testers. Please accepts pass results for the following four hi-pot test methods: AC VOLTAGE. Hipot testing involves using a high potential (voltage) to test insulation. A hipot test can be very useful in helping you develop a process that builds high quality.

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A prrocedure test voltage is applied below the established Breakdown Voltage and the resulting leakage current is monitored. Another method of establishing the current trip level would be to use the following mathematical formula: However, it is a good practice to always ensure that a product is discharged, regardless of the test voltage or its nature, before it is handled.

DC Hipot Tester – Hipot Test Procedure – Electrom Instruments

Currents as a function of time during a DC Hipot test. This page was last edited on 31 Decemberat In a typical wired assembly a hipot test should connect all circuits in common to ground. The surface conduction current runs over the end winding surfaces of the insulation. August Learn how and when to remove this template message.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Since the hiipot is free of capacitive division, it is more effective in picking out mechanical damage as well as inclusions or areas in the dielectric which have lower resistance. What is the difference in measuring leakage current and partial discharge while performing Dielectric tests.

Ahmed Oct 26, Is that descripted in a standard like IEC ? What is the allowable leakage current during hipot test. Therefore, the current of interest is the current that is the result of a partial discharge or breakdown, rather than the current due to capacitive coupling.

Then, one by one the tester will disconnect a given circuit from ground and connect that circuit to high voltage. Kirubanithi Pfocedure Dec 08, The voltage and measured current value are used to calculate the resistance of the insulation. Premium Membership Get access to premium electrical guides, technical articles and much more!


This test allows designers to estimate the breakdown voltage of a product’s design and to see where the breakdown occurred. I have 5 Electrolytic Caps connected in parallel to the input terminals. Dear Jigu, I want an insulation for instrumentation purpose from readily available insulation polymers that can be molded which has very low leakage in the range of tfst, I am basicaly interested in measuring current in that range, Operating pocedure is in the range of Vdc to v DC.

How DC Hipot Tests Work

Himanshu Behera Mar 29, Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Leave a Comment Click here to cancel reply. Continuity Test checks surety of current flows easily from one point to another point while Hipot Test checks surety of current would not flow from one point to another point and turn up the voltage really high just to make sure no current will flow. The theory behind the test is that procevure a deliberate over-application of test proceduer does not cause the insulation to break down, the product will be safe to use under normal operating conditions—hence the name, Dielectric Withstanding Voltage test.

What tset do you set the Fluke Multimeter to? James Mazarello Aug 29, The other side of the supply is connected to the conductor being tested.

Although this small current is acceptable, no breakdown of either the air insulation or the solid insulation should take place. Surge absorber, CT, and busbar still connecting to cable. In a typical hipot test, high voltage is applied between a product’s current-carrying conductors and its metallic shielding. Dear Sir, Is there any Standard uipot the amount of allowable leakage current during the High-Pot testing of Switchgears?.

The current that flows is monitored to verify that it is low enough.

One of the advantages of using a dc test voltage is that the leakage current trip can be set to a much lower value than that of an ac test voltage.

However, if the actual leakage current of the product is known, then hipog hipot test current can be predicted. Andhika Dec 18, Discuss Proposed since January With the supply connected like this there are two places a given conductor can be connected: Electrical test equipment Electronic test equipment.


Dear Jignesh, If I need to test Hipot proceduee with the product. Gokulakrishnan Jan 09, Articles needing additional references from August All articles needing additional references Articles to be merged from January All articles to be merged Articles with Curlie links. HIPOT test is applied after tests such as fault condition, humidity, and vibration to determine whether any degradation has taken place.

Please include the test equipment diagram in your paper.

Hipot – Wikipedia

Some of the process failures that can be detected by a production-line hipot test include, for example, a transformer wound in such a way that creepage and clearance have been reduced. I looked at the IEC spec and couldnt quite figure it out. The peak value of this current may be very high, reflecting the energy stored in the capacitance of the winding. The main advantage of the dc test is DC Voltage does not produce harmful discharge as readily occur in AC.

It means your installation should be renovated with new cables and apparatus. Any special care required for operators while handling this test? By using this site, you agree to the Prlcedure of Use and Privacy Policy. In the section regarding current setting for the HIPOT test, the current trip level is set as 2x the scaled up value of the rated leakage.

The leakage current must be below a preset limit or the test is considered to have failed. Im curious to how you came up with the rule of thumb for the test voltage. Hello sir What is the difference between high voltage test and insulation resistance test And how class of equipment decide.