Allodium,Interesting. There are three possibilities.1) It is not needed and can be omitted.2) It is needed and there is a mistake on the circuit. i’m sorryi dont underestand english goodi try speak to you1. can i use instrumentation Amp Amplifier Instead Of UA 2. the piezo is not work3. does any one made complete goldscan IV PI metal detector?is it stable?what about the depth?what about the operating frequency?what about.

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That’s why my preference is manual ground balance with optional automatic, or manual only. It is very sensitive and very deep. Hope the GS5 is a big hit!!! Ones with my Minelab SD, I was goodscan an area with a lot of small hot rocks that sounds like faint deep targets.

General Prospecting Supplies Page. Without Eric’s help, and willingness to share his wealth of knowledge, I would still be struggling with the basics of a PI.

Technology Forum

Pity I didn’t continue developing it as a nugget hunter earlier gokdscan. I think Reg should be given credit for his pioneering work in adapting the earlier models for use out West and last,but not least, Bill Crabtree has always been willing to give a helping hand and service as your dealer in the US.


To Have Salesperson Contact me. May 22, This was built originally by you. I always run my GP Extreme and Infinium in “fixed” mode anyway.

REG GoldScan Model 4 1/2

I know alot of discussion about ground balancing is not really clear but it seems that some of the older units like the Goldscan did have ground balance. Only the best high specification components are used and the circuits are subjected to three stages of testing plus a burn in period to ensure the performance is stabilised and is consistent between detectors. However, even with the mentioned changes, the original GS still will not compare to the new GS goldscwn.

The auto circuit wants to “tune into” the gold.

He has helped untold people worldwide to learn, how to modify and to modify himself and answers untold e-mails. He removed high voltage hum from existing audio. May 11, We’re looking for dealer sponsor. Didn’t older PI’s i GB? Hi Beach Bum, Right you are Before moving to Hawaii, I hunted for gold nuggets in California and Nevada. Some of the features built into this new GS 5 model are really quite unique. Just think the new GS5 is even better!!! Is there a ground tracker circuit schematic available somewhere that can be utilised on the golcscan IV design??


This forum is powered by Phorum. The Go,dscan has variable Pulse Delay. Reg is truely one of a kind. In clear uncluttered areas the 11 ” coil can be used on the beach to achieve maximum depth performance. Any suggestions on amalgamating the above units and the ground track circuit would be illuminating!! Loop connectors are sealed weatherproof types.

Click here to login. To re charge using the mains charger requires 12 – 14 hours.

goldquest, goldscan & ground-track circuit

The charge is usually zero!!! An obvious suggestion perhaps, but with the connection of the above technologies together and then fitted with a Minelab coil connector, we would have the benefits of using Goldsxan range of discs The unknown model before the GS5.

The shaft consists of a lightweight anodised aluminium armsaver assembly which is adjustable in length by means of a locking telescopic collar.