n touring amplifiers has earned the praise of renowned FP Q, the flagship four-channel model of the FP+ Series, con- tinues this tradition. Lab Gruppen FPQ four-channel touring-grade power amplifer delivers 4 x w at 4 ohm. Grab it at Factory Sound. Find great deals for Lab Gruppen Fpq 10 Watt 4-channel Power Amplifier. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Lab Gruppen FP10000Q 4 Channel Amplifier

Lzb List Supplier List. Whether you need the best deals or the best customized products, we can recommend you suitable experienced exporters of this industry. Conditions such as blown drivers, shorted lines, and over-temperature channels are easily recognizable. General Number of channels: Neutrik speakON Input connectors per ch.

Products Suppliers Sourcing Requests Products.

Front-panel potentiometer, 31 position detented from -inf to. Lab Gruppen Amplifier for sale in particular are seen as one of the categories with the greatest potential in consumer electronics. Twin variable-speed fans respond to temperature sensors, forcing air over the Intercooler fins in a front-to-rear flow. View all key performance parameters at a glance — in real time — on the comprehensive front panel display.

Contact Now Inquiry Basket. With the DIP-switch matrix, you can assign a hard or soft attack to the limiter functions, set overall gain to one of seven different levels, bridge any pair of channels, and set the VPL for optimum output characteristics with the connected load. Even you can book a factory tour online for inspection before making your deals.


Transistor Amplifier Sound Channel: Proven ergonomics View all key performance parameters at a glance — in real time — on the comprehensive front panel display. Public Address System Used For: AC V Conductive Mode: Post Amplifier Sound Channel: Amplifier Combined, Pre-amplifier Sound Channel: Max output power all channels driven 16 ohms: Individual switches on front-panel Cooling: All output devices are mounted transverse to the airflow, so the cooling effect is uniform.

Subscribe to our newsletter and receive your mail in all our news. Separate V or V versions available. Front-panel user interface Common: Automatic -6 dB gain compensation when bridging channels.

China Lab Gruppen Amplifier factory with growing trade capacity and capacity for innovation have the greatest potential for growth in retail sales of consumer electronics and appliances.

Working together, this new generation of proprietary circuits produces more power from a smaller package while at the same time maintaining Lab. A highly refined and updated circuit layout optimizes the interaction of R. Connectors and Buttons Output connectors per ch.

Lab Gruppen FPQ 4 Channel Amplifier | Pro Audio Systems

Haven’t found what you want? The amplifier will be fully operational in bridge-mode into 2 ohm and high impedance Hi-Z loads, but due to physical constraints in the construction, the max. Not selectable on the amplifier.


Amplifier Combined Sound Channel: So just discover great deals, discounts, promotions and save money on power amplifier, professional power amplifier, high power amplifier. Technological innovation and the need to replace or upgrade products drive demand for it. Dual fan, front to rear airflow, no filter required, temperature controlled speed. Sourcing Guide for Lab Gruppen Amplifier: Max output power bridged 16 ohms: Product Alert Stay updated to what’s new and popular on the market.

Recommended product from this supplier. All in a matter of seconds while the amp is in the rack. Bright, color-coded LEDs give clear status indication of all control activation, warnings and faults — without scrolling through menus.

Suppliers with verified business licenses. PA Amplifier Sound Channel: Push-Pull Amplifier Monoamplifier You have already submitted feedback.

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