This brilliantly executed novel, which showcases all the techniques that have secured Robbe-Grillet’s place in the canon of Western literature, leaves behind a . Alain Robbe-Grillet was a French writer and filmmaker. He was one of the figures most . As with many of his novels, The Voyeur revolves around an apparent. The Voyeur [Alain Robbe-Grillet, Richard Howard] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Mathias, a timorous, ineffectual traveling salesman, .

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The flame itself, produced from a circular wick, appears in the form of a triangle deeply scalloped at the apex, therefore exhibiting two points rather than just one. As a rohbe I have trouble assessing its reception because the reviews are full of contradictions. This author may ultimately be remembered less for his body of work, and more for that glorification of rule-breaking, oddly enough both austere and expansive in his case, towards which he always aspired.

Except my edition doesn’t have a blank page, though I’m assuming that it came at the end of part one. Is it the salesman, bumbling around on his grilley with his gumdrops, cigs and cord?

Memory belongs to the imagination. Or, in this case, a madman. The salesman may spot a seagull spying on him from above while walking the town streets, when suddenly he’s a child looking at a gull outside his old bedroom window. Views Read Edit View history. I thought I loved reading. It has been received better than any of my other books, in the sense that it has become a best-seller.

It has political connotations, or a religious message, or a moral prescription. Two days later, a thirteen-year-old girl is found drowned and mutilated. In truth, Robbe-Grillet paid a price for his ostentatious disregard of the rules other artists followed.

When I think of myself, I feel that I am made up of fragments in which there are childhood memories, fictional characters I particularly care about—such as Henri de Corinth—and even characters who belong to literature and with whom I feel I have family ties.


I almost think that I have known him in real life; at the same time I can believe that my grandfather is someone I have invented.

The Voyeur

Anyone cringing at the thought of a possible spoiler emerging here should stay well clear of this book, because it is as alien to the issue of spoilers and neat endings and easy truths as it is possible to get. Meanwhile a young girl on the island where the novel takes place is murdered.

And that’s the question left for us, the mirror moment that has been a sneaking presence throughout the novel and what gives this literature it’s true value, beyond the simple melon-twisting. Mario Fortunatosec. The rest is up to the reader to decide. The book does such a good job of keeping you just as disoriented as the pro I read this for a class in French Cinema and Literature.

Robbe-Grillet repeatedly referred to this book in interviews as not belonging to his literary work, alin.

Also of great value is the volume Gril,et the Temple of Dreams: We have not done well.

Alain Robbe-Grillet

These writers and film-makers were twisting our melons, often namedropping this Frenchman with his double-barrelled name. One of the strangest books ever wriiten, this could be a sinister mystery of a girl’s disappearnce on a holiday island, or it could be the ramblings of a bored vacationer.

In the movie “Sideways” the character played by Paul Giamatti is telling his would-be girlfriend on their first date about the novel he’s currently writing; he explains that he started the novel going one direction, then turned it into “a sort of Robbe-Grillet mystery, you know? A triumphan Mathias, a timorous, ineffectual traveling salesman, returns to the island of his birth after a long absence.

Anyone cringing at the thought of a possible spoiler emerging here s This was the breakthrough in the nouvelle roman, an attempt to shake up the fusty world of social realism with a little existential and intertextual derring-do. What’s New about it? I’d say something like, “What’s the deal with this New Novel?


The Voyeur – Alain Robbe-Grillet – Google Books

An old Situationist essay Ivan Chtcheglov’s Formulary for a New Urbanismpublished in France five years before The Voyeur, in commented on the architecture of Georgio de Chirico’s paintings which Robbe-Grillet’s prose resmembles far more than de Chirico’s own prose: Robbe-Grillet gives us a series of napes. Our whimsical God hiding in his craft and invisibility. Follow Ted Gioia on Twitter at www. His early work was praised by eminent critics such as Roland Barthes and Maurice Blanchot.

The characters are unnamed in the film; in the published screenplay, the woman is referred to as “A”, the first man is “X”, and the man who may be her husband is “M”.

A murder of a young girl happens while he’s there, for which he may or may not be This was my first experience with the nouveaux romans of Robbe-Grillet, and it’s a tough one for me to rate, as I had no idea what was happening half the time.

Marks Place and the Cube the effect would be ruined. I’m not saying the book is as bad as the movie, not at all. But there’s no real meaning attached to his thoughts. Around the time of his second novel he became a literary advisor for Robve Editions de Minuit and occupied this position from until Who is the voyeur?

Prize for Literary Criticism: People who would open their doors and remember? His latest book is Love Songs: Lorenzo Pavolinisec. Originally I thought it sounded very clever, later I thought it sounded kind of gimmicky. For him, creating fiction in alajn form of films was of equal importance.