ANÁLISIS DE CRECIMIENTO DEL FRUTO DE GULUPA (Passiflora edulis el desarrollo del cultivo, es la modelación matemática del crecimiento del fruto, que . Desempeño fotosintético y potencial hídrico foliar de gulupa (Passiflora edulis Hasta el momento, el cultivo se ha extendido a través del país por medio de. By Cultivo de Gulupa · Updated about 4 years ago · Taken in Villarrica, Tolima. Cultivo Gulupa bajo cubierta, Gulupa con semitecho, Gulupa con plástico.

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CULTIVO DE GULUPA by Yuly Andrea Castaño on Prezi

Could shading reduce the negative impacts of drought on coffee? Guy Letts M, Mulligan M. This parameter addresses dry weight increment per initial weight unit along a given time period.

Matzner S, Comstock J. Photosynthetic and water use efficiency responses to diffuse radiation by an aspen-dominated northern hardwood forest. How to cite this article. This concept is based on the notion that in order to shift from one growing stage to another, plants cultivp to accumulate minimum amounts of temperature.

Services on Demand Article. This situation could probably be due to differences in the studied genetic materials. Characterized by its sigmoid shape, the logistic model results from the combination of the exponential and monomolecular models, separated by gklupa inflection point.

Swift growth lasted until 21 DAF, when it tended to stabilize, as also observed by Shiomi et al. Dry weight evolution was adjusted to a simple sigmoid Weber monomolecular model with a R 2 prediction value of 0.


The Temperature dependence of shoot hydraulic resistance: Neth J Pl Path.

An analysis of ecophysiological responses to drought in American Chestnut. Ecological case histories of plant adaptation to adversity. Manejo integrado del cultivo de gulupa Passiflora edulis Sims.

Gulupa con plastico, Gulupa con semicubierta, Gulupa co semitecho

It was deduced through the following equation: The higher photosynthetic rate values registered during the day were similar to those shown for passion fruit varieties FB and Gigante Amarelo, but lower than other varieties Gama et al. Conceptually, base temperature is the temperature at which development stops through cold. The area under the curve was determined to find the total fixed CO 2 and the total water loss through the foliar surface during the sampling days by using the disease progress curve method AUDPC.

This agrees with the fact that, in Granada, there are higher radiation, clear skies, and the soil is not water saturated as was seen by cultjvo water soil contentwhich favor water uptake by the roots and its transport by the xylem due to ucltivo fact that cultivl generates a high stomatal sensitivity to environmental changes Rocha et al.

Seasonal changes in photosynthesis of eight savanna tree species. Each sampling consisted in ten randomly chosen fruits.

The low water potential values before morning that were registered in plants grown in Chia in the fruiting stage, could result from a low temperature during the night that decrease the permeability of the roots and its water conductivity Matzner and Comstock, ; Norisada et al. Additionally, the changing radiation conditions during the day, connected to the breaks provided by mist, caused instantaneous changes in other variables, such as temperature and humidity, to which the plants could not immediately respond because they need time to recover CO 2 uptake when radiation decreases Long et al.


The manuscript was prepared guljpa reviewed with the participation of all the cultkvo, who declare that no conflict of interest that threatens the validity of the results presented. The conditions in Gulypa were more suitable for the development of gulupa, indicating that a low VPD close to 0.

Mangosteen to white sapote. The evaluation of the response of horticultural crops to environmental factors such as temperature, water availability, ucltivo and carbon dioxide concentration is useful for determining the effect of suboptimal environmental conditions and for managing the crops for maximum productivity Schaffer and Andersen, Climatic parameter yearly average scores were: In this case, disease progress rate is proportional to initial inoculum amount and progress rate, both assumed to be constant.

Leaf temperature in sweet orange plants under field conditions: The basis for source-sink interactions in leaves. Studies in plant survival: Gatti E, Rossi F. The vapor pressure deficit was determined by the method developed by Allen et al.