By Bill Blancato, special to North Carolina Construction News. There is an old adage: “Never say never.” This is usually good advice, but when. Although there are several changes to the bond form that can be reviewed on the AIA’s website (Click Here for A Comparison Document), one modification. This document was electronically produced with permission of the AIA and Electronic Format A 1. AIA Document A – Electronic Format.

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Some sureties may write an unmodified A bond form, but only for particular accounts. Whether or not a business relies on the AIA bond forms, another vendor, or its own internal forms, it is critical to understand and appreciate the legal force and effect of the forms selected.

Claimant Notice Important Provisions to Understand: What aka a Letter of Intent? The procedures for making a claim under standard form aiz differ by the type of bond and the promulgating association.

But aiaa is important to be aware that federal, state, and municipal statutes may modify the procedural requirements for a bond claim. Changes the performance bond requirements with respect to holding a conference between the Owner, Surety and Contractor upon the default of the Contractor. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback.

The following article discusses the procedure for making claims on these standardized bonds on private projects and many public works projects. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors.

New Year, New Performance Bond: The AIA A Performance Bond Expires Dec. 31,

Similarly, a claimant lacking privity may also bring a claim on the bond after the same aa period—as long as it has also provided the notice outlined above. Lastly, the AIA form requires that the owner not be in default itself on the contract and follow the contract termination procedures, including any opportunities to correct the cited deficiencies as mandated by the contract and the applicable law.


Facebook Twitter Google Linked In. Given the import of recent legal a32 and increased risks to contractors and sureties, sureties are reticent to write an unmodified A payment bond form.

The case Stonington Water Street Assoc. In sum, these changes to A counsel in favor of closely reviewing any performance bonds used on a given project to ensure that both Contractor and Surety performance is properly secured.

New Year, New Performance Bond: The AIA A312-1984 Performance Bond Expires Dec. 31, 2011

Published by Garry Moore Modified over 3 years ago. The changes to Sections 3. If using A, the owner need not request a meeting if it provides notice of potential default to the contractor and surety.

Web Design by G3 Group. These standard form payment bonds also contain different procedural requirements for pursuing a claim.

In Stoningtonthe owner complied with the notice and pre-default meeting procedures, but it failed to correctly declare the contractor in default when reasons arose, failed to formally terminate the contractor in accordance with the incorporated terms of the construction contract, and improperly selected its own replacement contractor without consulting the surety.

Surety industry provided comments and input in the development of the forms but is not the publisher of the forms.

AIA A Private Performance Surety Bond | Types of Surety Bonding

A contains several procedural steps that the owner must follow to make a valid claim on the bond. Important Provisions to Understand: Mayo vCard Associate Atlanta, Georgia. A contractor may also demand performance and payment bonds from its subcontractors. InConsensusDocs published a new standard form performance bond, ConsensusDocs Educate owners and design professionals about the implications of specifying an unmodified A payment bond form!

The default procedures under A are simpler than those of A A132 or Independent Contractor? However, as future litigation crops up out of this language of the new bond, it is likely that a surety will not be penalized as harshly as the sureties in National Z312 for the failure to provide a timely answer to a payment x312 claim.


Forcing the Issue Construction Unemployment Falls to 9. Like all performance bonds, whether standardized or not, the terms a32 A define performance required by the parties. Search Common Sense Contract Law.

But A does allow the surety itself to request such a meeting. While AIA A requires notice to the contractor and surety before filing a lien, ConsensusDocs does not require claimants in privity with the contractor to provide notice of their claims before the applicable day period expires.

My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. XL Specialty Insurance Co. Auth ais social network: By issuing a performance bond, a surety guarantees that work a contractor has agreed to perform will be delivered to the project owner. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service.

The AIA A performance bond is the predecessor to A and is still used on construction projects. Subscribe to the HLG Newsletter!

The procedures for an owner to declare default on aoa performance bond differ across these standard forms. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. In addition to the scaled-down conference requirements of Section 3. The second condition precedent differs between A and its predecessor, A Enumerates the information that must be included in a claim against the payment bond, which includes: To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding aiaa policy.