aladdin. This pantomime features all of the traditional characters, including Widow Twankey, Wishee Washee, The Genie of the Lamp and the evil Abanazer. Unfortunately this brings Aladdin into contact with Abanazar, the evil Sorcerer. His journey takes him to a magic cave of jewels, where Abanazar talks to Aladdin . Spotlight Publications – Selection of Aladdin Pantomime Scripts.

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Widow Twankey runs a laundry in Peking, China. The text also contains a well-described, unusual ultra-violet scene optional transforming Aladdin’s journey from China to Egypt into a magical and colourful fantasy.

He exits DR Wishee: The price will be shown after you select the title required. The following additional items are available at extra cost to go with this script: The rights to perform and record for all the titles in our catalogue with exceptions are managed by Stagescripts Ltd. Well I would like an I-pad.

He lived with his poor mother The Widow Twanky, so scriph because she has been widowed four times and is still desperately on the look out for a new man. The staging can be relatively uncomplicated, but the sky’s the limit for the more ambitious! Once seen never forgotten.

I know, I was born with it. If you want to make multiple copies for use at rehearsals, a Script Copying Licence is required in addition Normally, of course, by that stage all the jokes have worn a bit thin!

Is there nothing else you would scrpit It took me hours to suck all the chocolate off them this morning! Also perform the optional ultra-violet scene. Abanaza the villainous magician discovers the whereabouts of a fabulous magic lamp. From the very start it took you by the heart and led you through the very funny, warm, energetic and touching adventures of Aladdin.


Aladdin dreams of marrying Princess Badroulboudour. Jasmine intended female optionally doubling with the slave of the ringAbanaza male doubling with geniefor the rest, make your own mind up! Ethelazar, Aladdin’s cousin offers him sdript if he helps her.

Her son, Aladdin, falls in love with the Princess, but lacking funds, is frustrated. All is well until Abanazar tricks Yam Yam into handing the lamp over and kidnaps her into the bargain. Will the Genie ever get free from the lamp? All the well- known Aladdin characters have fun and laughter a-plenty, as good defeats evil and love conquers all.

It is some time long ago in Old Peking. Old Peking Aladdn stage exterior scene Scene 2: Aladdin gets the lamp, rubs it, and thanks to the Genie, becomes very wealthy and marries the Princess.

Dame assumed to be played by Male, Principal boy by Female. If you want to make multiple copies for use at rehearsals, a Script Copying Licence is required in The jokes — wonderfully topical — kept us all laughing from start to finish. You are licensed to print this once for your personal use.

Mum, look what he did! However he needs the help of Aladdin to get it. When they try to enter the cave however they find out that only one who is pure of heart may enter. What will happen our heroes in the coldest heart of Antarctica? The Emperor wanted an eye pad.

Aladdin recovers the lamp and becomes rich beyond his wildest sdript, marrying Princess Yam Yam the daughter of the Emperor of Peking. Song suggestions for 15 songs are provided with the Producer’s copy of the script. The Gene Genie who appears from the lamp sets out to help Captain Abanazer become the richest and most powerful man in the kingdom, kidnap the Princess and turn Aladdin’s dreams to dust.


Pantomime Script: ‘Aladdin’ by Tom Bright

Songs at the producer’s discretion. There are two comedy duos in this panto — Ping and Pong the useless policemen and laundry assistants Spick and Span. Find us on Facebook. Although there are 5 specific junior parts a number of other parts could easily be played by juniors if desired. A free preview script containing a significant part of the full script and provided as a pdf file sized for A4 paper.

This was panto that had its roots in tradition but also had a techno edge. The Emperor has arranged the marriage of his daughter, Yasmin, to the son of the Grand Vizier.

Pantomime Scripts: Aladdin

It seems romance is in the air. Meanwhile, evil pirate Captain Abanazer and his wicked crew trick Aladdin into helping them locate a magical lamp on Pannto Island. Penniless wastrel Aladdin falls for Princess Jasmine.

Aladdin is saved from this fate by a magical Genie and becomes rich enough to marry the princess.

Aladdin Once upon a time in a land far far away called Arabia not China there lived a young man named Aladdin. But just in the nick of time Al sees through his cunning disguise and Abanazar in a temper leaves him trapped in the cave.