The arrival of extraterrestrial visitors is one of the most momentous events of our time. In INTRUDERS Budd Hopkins explored the shocking truth about the. Intruders: The Incredible Visitations at Copley Woods. Budd Hopkins, Author Random House (NY) $ (p) ISBN Budd Hopkins, Writer: Intruders. Budd Hopkins was born on June 15, in Wheeling, West Virginia, USA as Elliott Budd Hopkins. He is known for his work on.

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Most authors in this genre are the farthest thing from objective, and it shows in their research, especially when trying to coax ‘memories’ out of people under hypnosis. Budd Hopkins revolutionized UFOlogy hlpkins this book that brings to light for the first time the pervasiveness of alien abduction and the degree to which the alien project on this planet affects all of us on a very personal level.

I highly recommend bude of his books. Jun 21, Amber rated it liked it.

Apr 16, Kevin rated it liked it. He then forced her into the water and pushed her head under twice. The letter bore a United Nations stamp and postmark the UN building in New York has a post office which anyone can use.

Behavioral patterns extrapolated from abductee letters led Hopkins to identify core emotional responses based on their experiences: But I am wary of the accuracy of the information he gathered through hypnosis.

Vans were used for surveillance in Nighteyes. According to Dan, the VIP had also witnessed the abduction event and had become hysterical. If there is some unclear reporting on this point and she did actually contact others, can such be verified?

These questions have not been addressed, and thus the credibility of the only directly interviewed, corroborating, first-hand witness remains in doubt. Retrieved 10 February It was, Governor Arch Moore claimed, “the first project of this kind to be undertaken in the nation. Linda claims that she was kidnapped twice, nearly drowned, and further harassed. Click here to find how to order the book.


Seen most broadly, the presence of the collage aesthetic is the sole defining quality of modernism in all the arts. Penelope Franklin also attended the meeting.

We found that Linda’s apartment complex has a large courtyard with guard house manned 24 hours a day. I am also willing to believe that Kathie and the others experienced inexplicable time losses and strange dreams that may have not been dreams. The stories of seven victims of these otherworldly intruders are told here — in detail at once dispassionate and dramatic, fully supported by scientific documentation. Because of their eminence, their statements should be of special concern to the UFO research community.

Linda has a picture of Dan. All the while, he is careful to hold off any speculation of his own until the hopkinx chapter. Siegel of the University of California, Los Angelesbe explained as the consequence bidd “normal hallucinatory powers of the brain. I read this book for intriders, and to get ideas for a YA alien book I’ve just begun working on, and it gave me plenty of ideas. University of California Press. We informed Hopkins and the other participants that we were prepared to make a formal request for a federal investigation of the government agents responsible for the alleged felonies.

Elizabeth Slater who conducted psychological tests of abductees, [10] likened these experiences to rape, [43] specifically for the purpose of human reproductive capabilities.

New York TimesOctober 5, pp. Nick rated it really liked it Sep 10, InHopkins was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship for painting [ citation needed ] https: According to Hopkins, any feeling of uneasiness about a place, or any sense buxd lost time that is often accounted for by daydreamingcould be attributed to alien abduction.

Intruders: The Incredible Visitations at Copley Woods

Jul 05, Shannon Marshall Lush rated it really liked it. In Nighteyesphotographs taken on a beach played a central role. New York, New YorkU. Linda took it to Hopkins, who showed it to a neurosurgeon friend hopkisn his.


They vigorously argued against making such a request.

A Critique of Budd Hopkins’ Case of the UFO Abduction of Linda Napolitano

Preview — Intruders by Budd Hopkins. He draws parallels between alien abductions and human study of wildlife.

While Hopkins is transparent in how he does or does not use leading questions, and ingruders to minimize their impact on the testimonies he collects, one can’t help but look back over the forty years since this publication and how far hypnosis has fallen from intruxers in the psychiatric and forensic sciences. Linda also told us that she had an agreement with Budd Hopkins to split equally any profits from a book on the case.

A few days later the doctor brought it to Linda but was very nervous and unwilling to discuss it. Having read several older books about psychics such as Flournoy’s From India to the Planet Mars and Jung’s Psychology of So-called Occult Phenomena and about past-life recovery such as Search for Bridey Murphy, I note similarities between the extraordinary accounts of persons operating under hypnosis–similarities which cause me to be profoundly suspicious of all uncorroborated data obtained by such means.

Despite her intense fear and all the commotion, she had the presence of mind to rummage through her purse to find her cigarette lighter to illuminate her watch in order to determine the time. Franklin was a coinvestigator on the Napolitano case. As the affair became publicized, all three became concerned about the long term effect it might have on abduction research.