VoIp Grandstream HandyTone , Analog Telphone Adapters (ATA) features market leading superb sound quality, compact size, and rich functionalities at a. Grandstream HandyTone Features 1 Ethernet Port Where to Buy. America – Grandstream Your one stop shop for VoIP equipment store. Grandstream HandyTone is an All-In-1 VoIP IAD based on SIP standard. Built upon Grandstreams innovative technology,the HandyTone GS features.

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If you continue using handytobe website without changing you cookie settings, you consent to the use of these cookies. The configurations of the phone can be done in two ways: All the other settings should be left by default so the final step is to click the button Update and then to reboot the device.

The Life of Kenneth: How to Configure a Grandstream Handytone

DO NOT include any leading zeros, so Asterisk News Archives older news. Check these configuration instructions before continuing. It is easy to be used with its compact size and lightweight design.

You will see this screen:. As you see on the left side with a red letters it is written FXS port 1. Remember that they have to be enter with the zeros.

It has a built-in router, NAT and Gateway. Now you have the IP address so go to your web browser and write it down. Configure your SIP Registration settings as shown below: The Authenticate Password is the secret which you have set ahndytone this user in sip.


You need the MAC address of your device. You will hear the IP address with the zeros but remember that you have to put the it in the web browser without them.

It is on its bottom side. Type in the default password admin and press Login. Handytone users Handytone must be plugged into the LAN and connected to an analogue phone press the button on the Handytone, you should hear a menu prompt announcement on your analogue phone. The MAC address is: Now lets take a look at the setting for the vocodecs. Please be careful with the IP addresses and Subnet masks. In your case could be different.

If you do something wrong with your HandyTone you can always restore the factory settings. Now the difficult part is to translate the MAC address into numbers. If somebody dials it his call will be connected with the user test2 through SIP.

This value will change the default admin that was used to access the phone menu in step 2 above. The phone’s IP Address should appear on the phone’s screen.

In our case it is It also supports different vocodecs like G. It is important to know that the all 6 choices should to hanxytone equal.

Update the firmware of your Grandstream device to the recommended firmware version. The first line in the context [test] show that if somebody dials the number his call will be connected with the user test through SIP. In our example – test2. To test this dial This is not a mandatory step but we do recommend that you change 368 password.


Grandstream GS-386 (Discontinued)

To work with this phone you need two things: Sending Fax from Zoiper to Zoiper using T. Type the web address into a web browser on a local PC.

To do this, just enter 12 digits for handytome new IP address. You should hear a confirmation message played back to you. Dial 02 and you should hear the IP Address. Then for Authenticate ID write the same – test. I am handyttone you a table to show you how to achieve this: Set Admin Password to a personal value. The configuration page should appear.

For the Authenticate Password write the password secret which you have set for this user. In our example we do this with the number This website uses cookies in order to give you the very best experience.

Below I am giving you a table about which button handgtone which handytobe option will send you. In our case it is test. Upon rebooting, your phone should have connected to the VoIPtalk service. Can i use this baby Grandstream HandyTone so that I can plug Phone1 to my phone jack on the wall and Phone2 to my laptop and dial out to make an internet connection, does it do digital to analog conversion?