B&W 800D PDF

B&W 800D PDF

Order Series Speakers direct from Bowers & Wilkins or find a retailer. Bringing the highest quality sound straight to you. Used B&w for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability. Used Bw D for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability.

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The N not only sounded airier and more subtle, it was more engaging overall, as if it was completely run in and the D came freshly out of the box. For sheer, unadulterated realism, these professionals say it’s the best there is. This could be the source of some colorations, but they are mild, and perhaps only noticeable at all in the light of the extremely fine performance of the system out towards the frequency extremes. It is fast, articulate, dynamic, punchy and, not to forget, DEEP!

At best, human hearing extends to about 20kHz. All in the name of good sound, right? Bonus Recording of December The Syntheses make it easy for you to relax and stay on the couch the entire evening.

Used bw d for Sale |

Inside the sturdy cabinet of every model is some of the most advanced technology ever to be put inside a speaker. My first impression of the Diamond was that it played much louder than the D, even though the two speakers’ claimed sensitivities are identical.


Who other than the odd passing bat is going to care about a clean frequency response that extends three times further than the limit of human hearing? And this is where the D comes up trumps. Bb&w only does the use of such bling make for great ad copy, it also makes good engineering sense.

Thus, while the Diamond is only an inch taller than the D, and while the Diamond is larger and heavier than the black-based, rosewood-finished D, it doesn’t look it when placed next to the earlier model. The entire enclosure is a transmission line for the bass.

Then again, in the purist world of 2CH audio, where the 80d of external EQ is often considered rape of the delicate audio 800d, relying on the speaker maker to re-map the FR with passive crossover components is all you have.

Immediately after connecting them up it was evident that the D indeed has a dark balance. A single layer voice coil has a silver plated centre pole improving sensitivity which acts as a shorted turn, reducing the inductance of the primary winding. The material is different from the Focal W-cone material, but the idea is the same: Studio Quality You’ll find the flagship Series loudpseaker at work wherever exceptional sound quality really matters, the world-famous Abbey Road Studios in London to Skywalker Sound, the Californian studio where Hollywood puts music to movies.


It has the ability to convey emotion in a way that not many midrange drivers can.

The sound of the FST varies, depending on the speaker that it is used in. The most important factor was for them to be able to play really loud while having vanishingly low distortion.

Christiaan Punter 3 May No Comments. The bass is always solid and feels very physical. The sound can really be very 3D.

What Hi-Fi?

The bass is that well integrated. Red plot is Diamond, with a trasparent layer of the D over top. But even with these cables the speakers sounded analytical. Six Suites for Viola Solo.

The result is truly exceptional sound at high frequencies. It has become their trademark. I like it deep and I like it strong. Inside the sturdy cabinet of every model in the range is some of the most advanced technology ever to be put inside a speaker. It has a new suspension, and four high-permeability magnets are used to reduce dynamic compression at high volumes.