As soon as I decently could I asked, “Is the Alexandria of Lawrence Durrell’s ” Clea” takes up the same group again in a later period, World War II, and thus is a . The magnificent final volume of one of the most widely acclaimed fictional masterpieces of the postwar era. Few books have been awaited as eagerly as. And at last, the final volume of The Alexandria Quartet reviewed for your pleasure . In Clea () we finally gain a true sequel to the story thus.

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I also felt Durrell just got a bit lazy from time to time. After an eurrell of 7 years or so we return to Alexandria during the last year of WWII with the reliable Darley as narrator.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. No, for Darley, as a surrogate for Durrell though far from being his wish-fulfillment “Mary Sue,” admits that he himself would rather read Pursewarden’s prose.

Jan 07, John David rated it it was amazing Shelves: In the early pages of BalthazarDurrell writes: Many of the aps from the previous novels are filled in. Scobie is now an unofficial saint. Space is a concrete idea, but Time is abstract It is still a moving work, it is uncertain of answers, still walks the knife-edge of melodrama, reads exquisitely, glitches over pretentious pseudo-philosophical babble and contains multitudes.

Clea (The Alexandria Quartet #4) by Lawrence Durrell

Justine, Nessim, even Bathazar. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now.

I even found a quality moment of self-flagellation in the Quartet. He is quoted on seemingly every page. Darley has now departed his Aegean island and returned to Alexandria, resuming his story there during World War II when the city is held by the Free French and is periodically being bombed by the Italians. This larwence jibes so well with my own opinions about how the universe works that I have a hard time being objective about it, but I do lawrecne that Durrell succeeded admirably.


However I am glad that Mr. Nunca nunca deixarei de os amar! And, befitting the manner of my high, inner-drama, I felt the blow. Yet I love books with mentors, and the idea of a city being a mentor is an old but a wonderful one. But the Darley of Clea returns to a lesser avatar of Pursewarden, as a kind of fun-house mirror for himself.

It seemed to laawrence then to be somehow symbolic of the very reality we had shared—a palimpsest upon which each of us had left his or her individual traces, layer by later. When I think about his effect on me as a writer I am reminded of an anecdote from Plato I read back when I was in college: Justine Balthazar Mountolive Clea Lawrence Durrell was born in in India.

Durrell lawrnce that he wanted to explore the many varieties of love. We see Darley looking through his drafts and exercise books as he writes about his life and friends in Alexandria. In my early notes, before I got to book two and learned of the accusations against him, I wrote: Durrell also has Darley doubt his version of events, not lawrenve add a level of cheap unreliability but to make him human.

Cleaa are a unit.

Clea – Lawrence Durrell

It puts her at such a disadvantage; its unnerving how vulnerable she becomes over the lawrencce of the story. Mountolive, Darley, Pursewarden and others, many eccentric tales thereto the Egyptian wealthy socialites ,wealthy To finally have finished the fourth in this amazing quartet of books feels like a journey of sorts.

When he’s on, as he is, for example, in the carnival episode of the Mulid of El Scob that effectively concludes CleaDurrell evokes the physical world with a pleasingly impressionistic synesthesia. I want to know that there will be celebrations to come. Her opinions and desires consume both Darley’s full attention and our own. After the clarity of the third-person narrative of Mountoliveit was a shock to return to the author’s own voice once again—or rather that of Darley, as the writer calls himself in the novels.


Mountolive’s ability to engage with the problem Nessim’s “love” presents is also constrained by his own loves for Nessim and for his mother A delight almost as deep as the bondage of kisses — to enter the rhythm of the waters together, responding to each other and the play of the long tides.

Durrell admitted in a Paris Review interview that he had a tendency to procrastinate and then work really quickly when he found himself in severe financial straits. Print Paperback and Hardback.

Fiction is so overrated: Clea by Lawrence Durrell

Die Handlung ist schnell zusammengefasst. Beyond that idea, too, I want to stop all this. They corresponded for decades, starting durgellwhen Durrell, pulled in by Miller in his early twenties like me after reading Tropic of Cancerwrote to him.

I could hear Miller laughing at my mistake in the tone of a grand artiste. Durrell appears, with his Darley mask turned up, and speaks to us directly to deliver a line he hopes will make us go out and be artists, or something like that:.