This poem made me feel a lot of emotions. The trapped bird Rodriguez-Araque gado por diego fajardo · Pembaca. Rodríguez Araque, Alí. Antes de que se me olvide: conversación con Rosa Miriam Elizalde. La Habana: Editora Política. Google Scholar. Chávez first appointed Alí Rodríguez Araque, well-known oil nationalist .. Antes de que se me olvide: conversación con Rosa Miriam Elizalde.

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The more direct democracy is exercised in the selection of their leaders and the actions of self control of ajtes collectivity over them, the better. This way you can act upon inflation as well because you no longer have to print money, you are actually using the same money that is already in circulation. We must overcome whichever difficulty arises. Other problems add to the economic core quoted above.

This area has to be drawn by the Government taking into account social priorities. The following year the opposition collected the number of signatures required to hold a recall referendum against President Chavez.

This is the front in which we have to fight each day of our existence. There is a perception that criminal acts against public funds go unpunished. Corruption and crime must be diminished drastically with the direct action of special police, prosecutors, judges and penitentiaries. Years of social segregation of vast portions of the population that left them marginalized from the economical system and in situation of impoverishment was the first enormous problem to face.

II What is Socialism Today? There is something else that has to be taken into account.

Popular Power is a colossal pillar of the Bolivarian and Socialist Revolution. Do you have to coexist with parties, Non Governmental Organizations and free press, all typical of open society?

Wikileaks de Venezuela: así salió el director del canal Globovisión

One of them is: Partisanship ill conceived is a natural enemy of the progress of Popular Power. Is recognition that there must be room for the activity of individualism in a way that it does not go against the interest of the collectivity.

This route has to answer many questions, like: In Socialism is exactly the contrary but this must not be taken as the suppression of the second over the first. The reasoning is that we need local money to face the payment rodrkguez salaries, food subsidies, all the missions, etcetera, plus we now may incentive for real the owners of factories to enhance production instead of receiving bank credits and use them to buy subsidized dollars that are used to import a little, save most abroad and the rest directed to be sold in the national market and obtain enormous benefits.


We have a final word for what we think is the biggest contribution of the Bolivarian and Socialist Revolution as alli creation that enhances Democracy. What is Socialism Nowadays? Is the enlighten vanguard who will take care aaque everything? This stimulates people to anxiously keep on searching for a benefit taken from the work of others and in its deviations many people even assume criminal behaviors in order to fill their pockets with money no matter if it qke by fraud or plain hold up.

During this lapse of three months, the local opposition increased the actions of xraque to the electric national system, to the economy with speculation, hoarding, extraction smuggling of subsidized products and reached a climax in post electoral protests of April,when spurred by the inflamed words of the candidate that lost the presidential rodrihuez, took the street and set fire to party houses of the PSUV, popular health clinics, public libraries and left a balance of more than okvide killed and dozens of wounded.

The leadership will tell you that we do have it. November 26, Change text size: Alk, the difficulty was overcome and, step by step, retired managers, workers, military, all loyal to the Revolution, normalized the situation and defeated the new intent to overthrow President Chavez.

The PSUV and allies have to be the purest and more dedicated vanguard regarding this matter.

Less revenue of US dollars because the decrease of world oil prices plus the reduction of the oil export national offer because much is used to pay for advanced currency The Chinese Fund ; 7.

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The Bolivarian Revolution initiated by Hugo Chavez in clearly opted to undergo political, economic and social changes within the scope of Socialism through a gradual process. Gasoline price is less than a penny per liter, way under the lai cost, and PDVSA sells his dollars to the Central Bank at an exchange rate of VEB 10 per je till a few weeks ago is was at VEB 6,30both factors affect the oil corporation cash flow in national currency to attend expenses related to investment needed to increase oil production, which means there is no expansion of the oil offer in a near or middle term; 9.

ZCommunications » What is Socialism Nowadays (IV)

This is the strongest foundation we have to support the endurance of this extraordinary revolutionary event we are experiencing in Venezuela. All this is very difficult to combat in an open and democratic society. This environment is not just floating around whatever quee is building a model to change society structures and move away from capitalism, no, it is organized and guided by centers of economic and financial power that have control of governments of USA, Canada and countries of Europe.

But we are not talking about a plan that goes down from big goals to details with duration of more than twenty years in order to develop our country and create a Venezuelan Socialism. Because, the vanguard may start a process of education and cultural progress for children and youth that will impact the future, albeit the partisans of the revolution that out off their enthusiasm to get rid of years of very bad conservative governments voted in the polls for its victory are not properly prepared cadres of a socialist process, nevertheless you can count them zntes for the revolution but keeping in mind that they will be subject to all sort of pressures directed towards habits from the past to induce a change in the electoral trend.


What we are actually doing is not enough. If we add the political factor fe the scenery we will find more complexities to face and solve. Pol Pot had a solution: Meanwhile the Government gathers with entrepreneurs, investors, owners of factories.

Once stated this, we can establish that the immediate menace is the destruction of the Venezuela Revolutionary Model to show the world that there is no viability of it because it only generates impoverishment, chaos, criminality, diseases and death.

As is stated in the Communal Laws, they emerge directly from the people that live in barrios, neighborhoods, outskirts of cities, villages and small towns.

If the capacity to deliver Capital is limited, what are the priorities? Remember when we wrote about the immanence of individualism and solidarity and how Capitalism enhances the first in detriment of the second. They all work to destroy the model and for that purpose they wage a real war in the mass media front, in the economical front, in the financial front, in the internal political and social desestabilization front. I cannot leave behind a word about the defense of the Revolution because we are always thinking about an epical armed struggle against the natural enemies which are the conservative forces and specially the Imperialism.

It is proven fact of history that war is a resource than can be used any moment by this arch-enemies of Socialism, but the complexities of a world in which communications have grown in an exponential way sort of have left it as their last resource and, of course, we will always keep in mind that it is a pending peril.

This plan has to fight off corruption with special dedication, even more, with devotion.