Answers for life. Arcadis Avantic. Cutting- edge mobile imaging with a larger field of view. Soma Technology, Inc. offers the Siemens ARCADIS Avantic Featuring Power Performance with Precise Imaging used and refurbished. Siemens – Arcadis AvanticHigh-end mobile C-arm with a large field-of-view., As a multipurpose high-end mobile C-arm, ARCADIS Avantic exceeds expectations.

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EASY Enhanced Acquisition System with automatic dose, contrast and brightness control For fine detail visualization, three zoom levels make even the finest structures easily visible Automatic contrast algorithms in Subtraction 1 and Roadmap 1 allow for superior vessel and catheter visualization.

You can adjust your Community Subscriptions in Settings. Dose-saving features An integrated laser light localizer, radiation free collimation and multi-level dose control are only a few of many dose reduction features.

Forums Documents and Manuals News. Fully functional multi-modality workstation.

Arcadis Avantic eco

Display in Community Feed. The multifunction footswitch 1 as an alternative to the standard footswitch allows to control all operating modes and single image storage out of the sterile field. Discover extensive benefits that put you on the arcadks of intraoperative imaging.

An integrated laser light localizer 1radiation free collimation and multi-level dose control are only a few of many dose reduction features.


You can add Arrcadis Subscriptions in the search bar that says “Subscribe to more communities Counterbalanced C-arm design with excellent arcadsi in free space, immersion depth and overscan for superior patient access and positioning flexibility Fast and precise positioning through electromagnetic brakes with intelligent color-coding.

Exploring current trends in C-arm equipment This month, Medical Dealer explores current trends in C-arm equipment. Image intensifier sizes inch X-ray tube heat capacity 2. Remove Subscription Confirm Remove. Everything is under control The new all-in-one control panel, mounted on a swivel, allows convenient system operation from any side of the C-arm.

Adjustable control panel for all-in-one operation.

Siemens Arcadis Avantic C-arm

Simply click on the VPA body region to agcadis examined to select the appropriate application program Up to dedicated, application-specific programs are available. Hier fehlt ein Text.

Please review our Privacy Policy for avantid details. The detachable grid combined with a high resolution DAP Dose Area Product measuring chamber and an integrated copper filter open the path for pediatric surgery, where dose is most critical.

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Easy arcadi into clinical workflows Hier fehlt ein Text. Easy operation Hier fehlt ein Text. Add to My Bench.


Remote user interface for control of all relevant C-arm functions from within the sterile field.

Forums Documents Parts Videos News. Multi-modality viewing allows you to access images from other modalities, such as CT and MR.

Arcadis Avantic eco – used X-Ray machine – Siemens Healthineers Global

By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Optimal flexibility in avabtic handling. Karim 13 days ago 13 days ago error main system started in boot mode E i have siemens arcadis, the user interface all modes leds flashes and the 7segment in D1 rotate CCW. EMotion 1 – the integrated onboard sound system – supports a positive working atmosphere.

Siemens – Arcadis Avantic Community, Manuals and Specifications | MedWrench

This site uses cookies. Anyone have any suggestions? This month, Medical Dealer explores current trends in C-arm equipment. Arcadis Avantic Cutting-edge mobile imaging with a larger field of view.

Circular handle for easy and accurate C-arm positioning. High performance for demanding applications Comprehensive power through a 20 kW generator meets the needs of virtually all applications.