Balaji. Product. Media Center. Contact Us. Careers. Snacking its way to success A tough competitor for multinationals: Chandubhai Virani · More >>. Sitemap. Balaji Wafers | Download and Upload Project Reports related to Balaji Wafers. Research Reports on Balaji Wafers Pvt Ltd. exceptional RESULTS. CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL. A Focus on Quality. The driving force behind the Balaji Wafers project has been to improve quality and.

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Waste here refers to waster of the all kinds of the resources, but especially the material which constitute a significant portion. In balaji wafers there are mainly two types of workers that are at operating and managerial staff.

Salaries are always paid at the end of a particular period. To establish a new plant in Gujarat region so as to reduce the burden on rajkot unit. When communicated, the manger to listen and understand and thus encourage the employees to put forth his grievance. Wages can be paid according to 3 systems.

This helps he company to keep appropriate amount of cash with them. This would encourage the existing employee, providing them with motivation and the same time opening a source of recruitment at the lower end of the hierarchy for outsiders. The motivation and love behind the shaping of this project, I owe wafera feelings towards my parents. Due to short supply of the product they decided to make their own product line. LTD, upgrade its technology and other process in order stand aafers modern market.

In essence, marketer is a manager of customer demand in a changing business world. The framework should be useful for decision making purposes and managerial functions in the areas of accounts. LTD, Selection of managerial nalaji done on the basis of job analysis and for operating staff skills are taken into consideration. Time or day wage system. If the product fails to satisfy consumer demand, no additional cost on any of bqlaji other ingredients of the marketing mix will improve the product prroject in the market place.


The company aims at a similar market grab in the frozen foods and fries sector dominated by McCain Foods, by launching a new line of production under the Iscon-Balaji Foods brand. By their retail success they were inspired to set a semi-automatic plant instead of preparing wafers by the traditional frying method. The requisition of proportion arises because if company issues only ownership capital dafers it cant satisfy the main objective i.

People must know that right product at the right price is available at the right time. The company provides all the thing required for an employee and so there is very less chance of any grievance.

The product policy and strategy is the cornerstone of marketing mix. The personnel department helps management in securing, using, and development appropriate, manpower to achieve the organizational objective.

Balaji Wafers

In other words, the root by which goods move from the place of consumption is termed as channel of distribution. Company should gives replacement guarantee for sales increase. Are as follows 1. Company provides re imbursement of medical expenses incurred and includes hospitalization, nursing homes and surgical charges for employee as lroject as his family.

The Viranis invested in farm equipment,but could not succeed and lost the money.

Balaji Wafer Ppt |authorSTREAM

Finance management provides the best guide for the future resources allocation by a firm. It gives appraisal to the employees on the basis of performance. Expansion in inaccessible areas 2. These benefits are as follows: Inventories constituent the largest component of current assets in many organization.


Sachdeva, published by Himalaya publishing house in the year1 st edition. Research Methodology Sample design: I want to give wafres suggestion to the company. Net profits are the balance left over after the targets outlays have been paid and the capital brought up to the same point of value as it was in the beginning. To generate maximum individual development of the people within the organization. Current assets — current liabilities. The company comes to know where its has room for improvement in which area it has its mastery, what are the opportunities which it has to grab and what are the threats that it has to face in near future.

Have building for storing their raw materials so they store raw materials in the building meant for the storage of the raw materials. They both understand each other and there is no incident of blaaji such dissatisfaction or strike.

We are a non-profit group that run this website to share documents. In a sense, br4anding is simply another dimension of marketing strategy.

It the basic input need to keep the business running on continuing basis and is also the ultimate out put expected to be realized by selling the product. There is a line type of organization in which responsibility flow upward and authorities flow downward and upward. You do not have the permission to view this presentation. Capitalisation is the sum total of all kinds of long term securities as well as surplus which are not mean for distribution.