Daslight Virtual Controller 2 – – Copyright Daslight, all rights reserved .. 1 CD-ROM with software tools for lighting control and user manual. Daslight and Sunlite software with one interface . ESA 2, 12 Dec , Manuals EN FR, 30 days free period (express mode) 1 year licence from $ Daslight DPAD Gold, stand alone Glass Pad GOLD Stand alone wall mounted DMX Delivered with a USB cable and installation CDROM including user manual.

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In express mode, the software is limited to 32 steps per scene and 4 simultaneous scenes playing at a time. Add Fading, Shift the colors and control the Speed and Size by tapping in the centre.

Choose up to 6 colors to use in your effects. Daslight dvc4 gold raslight dmx controller with usb dmx. Daslight virtual controller 2 user manual euro baltronics.

Enjoy 30 days free with all optional software. Dmx software, lighting control windows, mac, ios, android.

With this exclusive DmxSoft service there are no surprises, you can choose and purchase the perfect software for you. Adjust the overall daslifht. The iPad version cannot be used with USB.

Daslight DPAD Gold

English German – by stage Daslight makes dmx lighting controllers for disco, club, dj and theater. Dvc fun daslight virtual controller dmx usb lighting interface by nicolaudie lixada dmx stage lighting mini moving head light 4 in 1 rgbw led par light lighting strobe maunal channels w ac v sound active for ktv club bar party disco dj show bands.


Add the product to your website 4.

The daslight software is free to download, but requires a daslight usb or ethernet interface to be connected to convert the control data from the software to dmx which the lights can understand. Tutorial dmx software daslight teil 1 setup youtube. It is good when used in the dvc2 demo mode to practice using the software prior to purchasing a controller.

Our group has 30 years experience in lighting control, our packages are available in many countries. Create your own profiles using the included Scan Library editor. It has been designed to be used in clubs, mobile discos and small scale touring shows.

Upgrade the number of DMX channels up to Tap the Submasters button to control the brightness of a selection of lights. Dmxsoft sushi, the worlds most attractive dmx controller. Light Rider is a brand of the Nicolaudie Group. Daslight dmx out pc mode 60 dmx out stand alone mode, 9 dc volts, daslight dvc3 daslight dvc 3, controller intelligent usb dmx dvc2 m works with virtual controller 1 daslight dvc3 gold daslight dvc 3, daslight virtual controller 2.

Dvc4 gold daslight virtual controller dmx usb lighting interface by nicolaudie 3. Daslight stand alone glass pad gold webstore daslight.

Ride your FX live with the speed, fade, fan, size and shift controls. Dvc3 gold dvc2 gold after reading the online manual i saw that my dvcgold supports win7.


It is applicable for both ryger usb dmx and daslight dvc2 gold controllers. Light Rider is available for free on iPad and Android tablets. Built on over 25 years of DMX lighting control experience, Light Rider finally puts a great light show into the hands of a working DJ, who might not have the time to spend hours programming scenes before a show.


American dj my dmx lighting controller daslighf software duration. No extra in-app purchases necessary.

Features or dmx output channels in pc mode, dmx output channels in standalone mode. Try any software mnaual 30 days free Compare all the software and select the one you prefer.

Daslight virtual controller dmx lighting software for pc and mac. Optional software, 30 days free licence, More DMX channels Sync with the music using audio Pulse analysis and Beat Tap. The daslight packages daslifht based on software and usb to dmx interfaces daslight virtual controller dmx lighting software for pc and mac.

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Usb, xlr 3 pins, dmx channels, expandable to2 indicators, one button. Buy dvc4 gzm daslight virtual controller dmx usb lighting interface by nicolaudie. Transform your computer to a professional lighting controller! Touch the dial to select a preset and drag the dial up and down to animate the effect.

Take your light show to a whole new level with the brand new dmx lighting software package from daslight. Too busy mixing tracks to worry about lighting?

Moves 8 stunning move effects to spin your lights around the room.