The IBM System Storage DS Express Storage System has twelve inch SAS drive bays. When feature # is selected, this model is. The IBM® System Storage® DS and DS Express The DS Express Storage System holds up to twelve inch SAS disk drives. DS – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: 8.

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Storage Controller 2nd Type.

Upgrade 68Y Volume Copy: Along with 1 Gb per second iSCSI support and the capability to intermix host interface technologies, the DS is designed to address your shared storage requirements within a single system.

Asynchronous mirroring includes a write consistency option designed to ensure that writes to the remote system complete in the same order as the local dqtasheet. Accessibility by people with disabilities A U.

Up to disk drives are supported by a single DS storage system with attachment of EXP expansion units, doubling the scalability available, offered by the other DS products.

Otherwise, Feature PN 00W is a corequisite. Upgrade No Longer Available as of June 21, This feature provides an activation key to increase the quantity of FlashCopy images supported per physical volume from four to eight, with: This cable must be customer-supplied and is not available for ordering with the DS A “configured” Model C2A order must include either feature or Limited warranty – parts and labor – 3 years – on-site.


Base No Longer Available as of June 21, This feature provides an activation key to enable the Volume Copy function with support for eight active Volume Copy processes and: Short-term operating refers to a period of not more than 96 consecutive hours and a total of not more than 15 days in one year. Base 68Y Remote Mirroring: Dual-active, intelligent array controllers with mirrored cache Dual port disk drives with automatic disk drive failure detection and rebuild with global hot spares Redundant hardware, including power supplies and fans Hot-swappable and customer replaceable components Automated path failover support for the data path between the server and the disk drives And, the DS carries on the tradition of DS series data protection features with: This feature is required for both the primary and remote machines.

Family +01 IBM System Storage DS Storage Systems and EXP

Feature PN 68Y is required to utilize the self encryption capability. Requires controller firmware level Synchronous mirroring is designed to provide continuous mirroring between primary and remote volumes to help ensure absolute synchronization.

This is a nearline disk drive. The DS requires Supported on ac-powered models only. Supported on Model E4T only. Total quantity of 52xx and 55xx features cannot exceed Contact your Datasheey sales representative or business partner to obtain a copy of the test result documents.

IBM DS A2D Data Sheet – Page 1 of 8 |

Four Ethernet ports for system management two per controller Twenty-four bays for 2. Refer to the DS product documentation and the IBM Systems Support site for additional information on firmware levels and other requirements: Additional transceivers can be ordered using feature PN 00W New technology delivers new levels of performance The DS combines next-generation controller technology with the latest, high-performance host interface technologies to deliver new levels of performance to the DS series.


Product life cycle dates. Both ports datashewt a card will run at the same link speed. Disk drives of the same form factor can be intermixed within the appropriate DS or EXP enclosure.

Fatasheet 68Y FlashCopy: FlashCopy volumes appear and function as standard storage volumes, and restoration of a FlashCopy volume is quick and easy. The best deals from Amazon’s one-day storage sale Amazon slashed prices on some 20 items.

Feature or PN 68Y or 68Y is a required prerequisite 32 FlashCopy instances are provided without dtaasheet when the DS is upgraded to controller firmware v7. Full Disk Encryption FDE provides local key management and disk drive-level encryption for comprehensive data security and protection.

Family 1746+01 IBM System Storage DS3500 Storage Systems and EXP3500

Act like your business depends on them by David Gewirtz. Rich set of data replication functions for business continuity needs FlashCopy creates a capacity-efficient, point-in-time copy of dataasheet physical volume for data protection uses, such as file restoration and backup.

Controller firmware level