Full text of “The Hildebrandslied” BAKER & TAYLOR COMPANY NEW SOBK 1] ‘Vc THE HILDEBRANDSLIED Translated from the OLD HIGH GERMAN. Line of ms.: 1 Verse: 1 Ik gihorta ðat seggen Verse: 2 ðat sih urhettun ænon muo. Line of ms.: 2 tin · Verse: 3 hiltibraht enti haðubrant · untar heriun tuem. TITUS Text collection: Lesser Old High German Monuments Text: Hld.-Vw. Hildebrandlied Diplomatic edition of the text.

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Explicit use of et al.


The inconsistencies in the use and form of the wynn -rune, for example — sometimes with and sometimes without an acute texr above the letter, once corrected from the letter p — suggest this was a feature of the source which was not a normal part of their scribal repertoire.

Hadubrand takes this as a ruse to get him off guard and belligerently refuses the offer, accusing Hildebrand of deception, and perhaps implying cowardice.

But first the elder man asks the younger the name of his father, and learns that his opponent is his own son. Hiltibrant, [son of Heribrant] spoke first, as he was the older and more experienced man.

Who will meet thee on the marches? Thy harness is bright and shining, as wert thou of royal kind. Ineven though the Pierpont Morgan Library had raised questions about the provenance of the codex and the Rosenbachs must have known it was looted, it was sold hilcebrandslied the Californian bibliophile Carrie Estelle Doheny and placed in the Edward Laurence Doheny Memorial Library in Camarillo.

The text of the Hildebrandslied was added in the s on the two blank outside leaves of the codex 1 r and 76 v. There can surely be no poem in world literature the exposition and development of which are terser and more compelling. The codex itself was written in the first quarter of the 9th century, with the text of the Hildebrandslied added in the s on the two remaining blank leaves.


This is a widespread motif found in many other languages.

Old High German Literature

At the end of the Second World War the codex went missing, looted by a US army officer and sold into the rare book trade. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. While this could hildebrandzlied have been a nickname for Hildebrand among the Goths, it might have been so interpreted later among the Lombards. Wilhelm Grimm went on to publish the first facsimile of the manuscript in[59] by which time he had recognized the two different hands and the oral origin of the poem.

The reason being, that you can’t really translate this text literally 1-to-1 as it won’t be very comprehensible. The oral transmission of a Lombard poem northwards to Bavaria would hildebrandslie been facilitated by the fact that the Langobardic and Bavarian dialects were closely related forms of Upper Germanconnected via the Alpine passes.

So that in any one line not more than four alliterating words would occur, usually not more than three, and often only two. It is the earliest poetic text in German, and it tells of the tragic encounter in battle between a father Hildebrand and a son Hadubrand who does not recognize him.


Come, mother, dearest mother, and pay him honor fine. The text is highly problematic: At home shouldst thou abide now and of thyself shouldst take Good care by the glowing ingle. Theodoric ruled from tobut the kingdom was destroyed by the Eastern Emperor Justinian I inand thereafter the invading Lombards seized control of Northern Italy. Forms such as heittu l. Moderator of the North.


Then they clasht with their brands, the battle- boards bursting, 65 And hewed with might hilderbandslied white linden Till they shivered the shields with shattering strokes, As they wielded their weapons [in wild warfare. And hear ye, dearest mother, no captive shall he be. My translation cer- tainly does not infringe upon his hildebrqndslied. Hadubrand reveals that he did not know his father but the elders told him his father was Hildebrand, who txt eastwards in the service of Dietrich Theodoric to escape the wrath of Otacher Odoacerleaving behind a wife and small child.

Besides these are found swell-verses with three arses in each half-line, as in lines 17, 18, 39, The text consists of 68 lines of alliterative verse, though written continuously with no consistent indication of the verse form. The second page of the Hildebrandslied manuscript. Dive into the South Asian philosophy through Indian classical music.

Das Hildebrandslied (English translation)

Among the suggestions are: In doing this, my stripling, my beard is growing gray. CS1 German-language sources de. The manuscript is now on permanent display in the Murhard Library.

In the older form the outcome is tragic, the father killing the son. Login or register to post comments.