Leave the search box empty to find all products, or enter a search term to find a specific product. Sort by. Product Name +/- · Category · Manufacturer name. correspondence from the Canada Revenue Agency (Muljiani ). . Warman’s Detaxer acolyte Alex Muljiani had a comparatively short. Canada – The UnTaxman – Secrets of Detaxation A detaxing strategy based on Eldon Warman’s 15 year success story. Alex Muljiani takes it.

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Welcome to Conspriracy King Alex Muljiani

I hereby demand the complete refund of any withholding tax and all income tax paid over to the Receiver Mu,jiani of Canada under my Social Insurance Number on the grounds that I was fraudulently deprived of that money, the fruits of my labour and skills – my private property.

I am an accountant who has worked on helping a man who was audited twice in the last 4 years.

I draw your attention to an article titled “Timely Courses and Seminars”. Kennedy, a freeman, a natural person and a commoner, come and declare: Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, anything includes: I received an e-mail from an accountant today that shows perfectly the attitude that CCRA muuljiani towards all the taxpayers in Canada.

I hereby revoke and void any such supposed or assumed contract, past, present and future; and, hereby declare my status as a natural person and a commoner. Well then, learn these on your own and you can play to win. However, after seeing his business records, I refused payment from him so he could afford to hire lawyers. Please go to the website in the coming weeks at http: This letter is being forwarded to you since the employees in the payroll department of the OCDSB have previously ignored my requests to file “exempt”status and thereby stop withholding incomes tax from my monthly pay cheque on behalf of Revenue Canada Taxation.


The final version of the bill is just as draconian as the original draft and smells rotten right through. This new law vastly expands government power and gives police the right to break the law in the process of upholding ale law.

Ottawa in the Province of Ontario declare in the presence of the undersigned witness that the above statements muljuani by myself are believed to be true and correct and according to the laws of Ontario and Canada. I highly recommend that all visitors to The Cyberclass Network follow the link www.

This “withdrawal of permission” is made after much research re: I hereby forbid anyone, who being in possession of anything of mine, and held in any form of trust, to turn over anything to a third party except by my express permission or upon being presented with a lawful judgement and court order against me. In addition, none of them can afford to fight CCRA. The Statement of Claim will be for all of the monies that have been unlawfully deducted and accrued to date, with costs and interest.

Alex Muljiani

This “withdrawal of muuljiani to withhold “income tax” is also made pursuant to the Court Order Interest Act of the province of Ontario, which also requires that interest be paid on any money held by anyone for any period of time. Therefore, effective immediately upon receipt of this letter, I instruct the OCDSB to stop withholding “income tax” from my monthly payroll.

I have the option to file a Statement of Claim naming the following persons: Revenue Canada Taxation by its action is subject to “usury” – which is punishable by up to five years imprisonment under section 1 of the Criminal Code of Canada. The law is very clear that the OCDSB cannot be held liable for any monies that I may aelx may not owe at the end of the year.

I am indeed serious about putting a stop to acts of theft against myself and about recovering my stolen property and I am mulijani to take the necessary steps as outlined above if the OCDSB continues to disrespect my rights by ignoring my Declaration of Rights At Law. Also, please be advised that the Labour Code of Canada forbids any kind of job action being taken against me for any reason without having relation to my ability or inability of carrying out the duties and responsibilities of my job.


The case above concerns a man who fixes furnaces. This action is very significant as a precedent and various other “informed” Canadians are currently requesting their respective employers honour requests to stop withholding income tax from their monthly pay cheques. I understand that a jury trial is granted when the criminal charge in question carries a sentence of over five years. However, they also include insurance fraud, stock market fraud, telemarketing fraud and other such crimes unrelated to drugs and money laundering.

You are invited to download these forms and complete them and forward them to the “warned parties” who are currently alfx extracting income tax from your monthly pay cheque.


Eldon has posted an abundance of information at this web site for those who are following a self-imposed course of study in the process of re-education. Could you be so unpatriotic as to criticize the government for bringing in such a benevolent tax? I have used the forms muljianj Declaration Of Rights At Law and 2 Constructive Notice see below posted in Lesson 7 to commence the process of detaxing myself.

What forces came into play with such brilliant subtlety and sureness, like a thief in the night, and stole away our two alrx precious gifts? Did you know there are ways to not “own” your house anymore without ever selling it?