Adolf Loos schreef Ornament and Crime als lezing in tekst in het Duits gepubliceerd onder de titel Ornament und Verbrechen. PDF | On Jan 1, , Barbara von Orelli-Messerli and others published Ornament und Verbrechen. Adolf Loos’ kontroverser Vortrag. Ornament and Crime began as a lecture delivered by Adolf Loos in in response to a time (the late 19th and early 20th Centuries) and a.

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And the shoes will boast perforations and scallops, as many as can possibly be fitted on an elegant shoe.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. At the age of two he looks like a Papuan, at four like one of an ancient Germanic tribe, at six like Socrates, at eight like Voltaire.

But it is a crime against the national economy that human labour, money and material should thereby be ruined. Loos never argued for the complete absence of ornamentation, but believed that it had to be appropriate to the type of material. The lack of ornament is sign of interior strength.

Adolf Loos

Modern ornament has no forbears and no descendants, no past and no future. The advocate of ornament believes that my urge for simplicity is equivalent to a mortification of the flesh.

But what is natural for, a Papuan and a child, is degenerate adol modern man. I am preaching to the aristocrats; I mean, to the people in the forefront of humanity who still fully appreciate the needs and strivings of those beneath: Archived from the looos PDF on 4 July Sep 15, Leonardo marked it as to-keep-ref. They were sophisticated enough to feel pleasure at the sight of a smooth cigarette case while they passed over a decorated one, even at the same price.


Ornament and Crime – Adolf Loos

Happy the country that has no such stragglers and marauders! All right, then, the plague of ornament is recognized by the State and subsidized by State finds.

It is the babbling of painting. Modern men who revere ornament as a sign of the artistic expression of earlier generations, will immediately recognize the painfully laboured and sickly ornament of today.

Loos concluded that “No ornament can any longer be made today by anyone who lives on our cultural level As ornament is no longer organically linked with our culture, it is also no longer an expression ornamentt our culture. I have coined an aphorism: Look, the time is nigh, fulfilment awaits us.

Ornament and Crime – Wikipedia

I eat roast beef. They understand the native weaving ornaments into textiles to a certain rhythm, which can be seen only when torn apart, the Persian knotting his carpet, the Slovak peasant woman embroidering her lace, the old lady crocheting wonderful objects in beads and silk. The peasant from Kals lives in the twelfth century.

And that is a good thing, because these decorated objects are only bearable in the cheapest form. Lack of ornament is a sign of spiritual strength. And how is it in the country? Decorated plates are very dear, while the plain white china that the modem man likes is cheap. Tinck rated it really liked it Sep 12, People walked sadly around the showcases, ashamed of their own impotence.

I just spent two days reading anything I could find on this mofo for a research paper and I am just so done. Peter and Paul http: Retrieved 9 February We have art, which has replaced ornament.

His careful selection of materials, passion for craftsmanship and use of ‘Raumplan’-the considered ordering and size of interior spaces based on function—are still admired. Loos introduced a sense of the “immorality” of ornament, describing it as “degenerate”, its suppression as necessary for regulating modern society.


His raumplan would later evolve into free plan, as master architect Le Corbusier would be inspired by Loos’ ideals and this would show in his Vers une architecture, but that’s subject of a different review. The immense damage and devastation wrought on aesthetic development by the revival of decoration could easily be overcome, for no one, not even governments, can arrest the evolution of mankind.

ADA rated it it was amazing Oct 04, Even greater is the damage ornament inflicts on the workers. They force him to make the ornaments they have invented in the greatest variety of materials. Woe to the country that lags behind in cultural development! The child is amoral.

ADOLF LOOS: ORNAMENT AND CRIME, modernist essay/lecture, | The Incubator

Look, the time is nigh, fulfilment awaits us. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Lack of ornament has pushed the other arts to unimagined heights.

Views Read Edit View history. All his life, Loos suffered from a hearing impairment. In he married writer and photographer Claire Beck. The distinction is not between complicated and uns, but between “organic” and superfluous decoration. His way of shaping interior spaces giving every section of a house its own hierarchy, and reinforcing diagonal circulations both in plan as well as in cross section.

But I look on this as retrogression.