Can Life Prevail?, the latest book by Finnish environmentalist Pentti Linkola, provides a radical yet firmly grounded perspective on the ecological problems. PDF | On Jan 1, , PHILIP CAFARO and others published Can Life Prevail? A Revolutionary Approach to the Environmental Crisis by Pentti Linkola. Pentti Linkola Kaarlo Pentti Linkola was born in Helsinki, Finland in Having spent most of his life working as a professional fisherman.

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To see what your friends thought of this linokla, please sign up. People come to life when they see signs that things are for sale. Return to Book Page. His love for nature is enormous — he made a living as a fisherman from a rowboat and sold his fish to local people from a horse-drawn cart, in his native land, Finland until he reached retirement age, he never uses any type of energy-consumed transportation he once toured around the Europe with his wife on bikes to watch ;entti and enjoy the naturehe avoids all kinds of devices and modern technology so on and so forth.

Particularly, his call to “eliminate competition” between humans is completely unrealistic and not even desirable in my opinion. Baring some unimaginable miracle the “too horrible to imagine” future for humanity will soon not need imagination, nor will the mass extinctions of oife natural world, its flora and fauna which have driven Linkola to his place as penttk Deep Ecologist. I do agree with him on many things but he often mixes his better ideas with silly ones.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Democracies, being political systems with individual desires as the highest goals, empower human selfishness. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. While he no doubt has some valid points, all amply illustrated by example, especially his own trade as a fisherman, those who would join him in a return to the days of old are few.


He is also critical of tiny attempts to save the environment, such as doing a bit of recycling or installing a solar panel, but nothing else:. With essays covering topics prevaik diverse as animal rights, extinction, deforestation, terrorism and overpopulation, Can Life Prevail?

Also that of frail men and tough women is not a myth, but an established fact of human life, hence, granting women as the protectors of Life.

Pentti Linkola – Wikipedia

A few points you need to be aware of: Like many environmentalists, Linkola is opposed to massive third-world immigration into Western countries, due to the increased environmental destruction a modern lifestyle causes: Pentti Linkola Can Life Prevail?

The result is that the price of fish rose, while the fishermen made less money. He advocates a ban on keeping farm creatures inside during the summer.

The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov: Ilfe placing the blame on the creators of this new Zeitgeist, Linkola singles out journalists as a particularly vile and harmful category of men, for they are the ones who promulgate the reigning cultural hegemony.

This would be a sensible way to diminish the population of the world, without hurting anybody.

Efforts and energy should be directed instead at suppressing the population explosion that is causing environmental devastation. I have fully agreed with the author that his utopia is the only sustainable model that can grant our species eternity of Life. What is generally ignored is the fact that immigrants from poor nations, whose birth rate is at par with that of their cultures of origin if not higher, prefail to the social care they now benefit fromdramatically increase the pentit population and environmental burden of industrial countries.


Can Life Prevail?

Journalists effectively have the same function as the sales signs in shop windows or the advertising leaflets in our letterboxes. Aarne P-K rated it liked it Jul 19, Rated 0 out of 5. His environmentalism or conservationism is extreme even for extremists. He has written widely about his ideas and in Ljfe is a prominent, and highly controversial, thinker.

Pentti Linkola’s ‘Can Life Prevail?’: Book Review

And that even if this path were not to lead to ecocatastrophe and extinction, it would still be a gloomy and dreadful one? Communitieis, especially penttti he says have been wrecked, appealing to happier times of honest manual labour and self made culture and entertainment he advocates a return to the land and to village life.

Open Preview See a Problem? Beauty is always a central and inalienable value, a value far more important than economy. Thus, he is staunchly opposed to factory farming, where animals live miserable lives and are treated more like objects than animals in the extent of their anguish, having their dignity pebtti pride destroyed before suffering equally miserable deaths. But to Linkola, the grocery store windows plastered with sale prices are ugly:.

With the train of civilization hurtling at ever-increasing speed towards self-destruction, the most pressing question facing humanity in the 21st century is that of the prevaio of life itself.