Sunny McDonald is in the ultimate forbidden relationship. Her boyfriend Magnus is a vampire, and the leader of the Blood Coven. And when the Coven decides. Buy a cheap copy of Bad Blood book by Mari Mancusi. The newest Blood Coven novel-accompanied by edgy repackages of the rest of the series Sunny. Title: Bad Blood Author: Mari Mancusi Date of Publication: Jan 5th Pages: Source: Bought Synopsis from : Sunny.

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I have to say, I think I prefer Rayne’s narrative, because Sunny is a little whiny bax a little bit childish at times. In fact, she’s quite the opposite.

Cornelius kidnapped Jayden who helped them escape by cutting himself so that the ambulance can get them out since he is a hemophiliac. Im a spoiler and ‘spoiler’ is just an understatement!!. One of the good series!! Because not everything stays in Vegas-especially bad blood. However, Blooe did like Sunny’s view because it was nice to see a human’s POV in a vampire series that doesn’t want to be a vampire, but feels in some situations that she was wh Plot: I did love how sweet and romantic he was when he talked about his had for Sunny.

Stake That: A Blood Coven Vampire Novel Audiobook | Mari Mancusi |

I know what I am getting into when I start a book in the Blood Coven series! He abd side with someone he barely knows than the girl he loves. Oct 17, Alaina rated it liked it Shelves: There is, of course, another huge cliffhanger that leaves readers stunned, as well as Rayne and Sunny themselves.


I skimmed the last half. I mean wouldnt you if you just found out that you had a younger sister and that your dad had cheated on your mom long before they had gotten deforced.

Stake That: A Blood Coven Vampire Novel

Just go to the website and click on join the blood coven. I look forward to more books with Stormie in them. And I believe them, a little. Though some of her actions in this book are dumb, and you end up screaming at her in your head, telling boood what she should have done, you always know that she’ll be able to get out of any tricky situations she may find herself in.

There are several scenes which, if you are a teen, you will enjoy. My Wishlist 0 Item You have just added: I was not crazy about this book to start off. We use cookies to offer you a better browsing experience. Sunny definitely thinks like a seventeen year old, even though her actions and what she is allowed to do might portray someone older.

I really feel like Mari Mancusi is a really great author! Another good one is check off my list. The Coven’s chosen candidate is Jane Johnson, a magna cum laude graduate of Oxford University who just happens to look like a vampiric supermodel.


When I got back to my dads penhouse my new step-mom was trying to get me to like her. He just doesnt care about us at all.

I could completely understand her feelings toward the subject of her father. Jayden turns out to be an hemophiliac.

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I do not have time to go through all the things that come with it, and mancjsi I’m honoured you thought of me, I’m sure you can find someone who will love it, and be able to carry out the rules: For some reason Bad Macusi was a real quick read I have never been in Las Vegas so reading was fun for me.

Magnus reassures Sunny that he still loves her and Jane is just there for business purposes only, but Sunny is hurt and confused. Very quick read – finished it in about 6 hours. Jayden and Sunny are friends.

The books are fun enough, but Mancusi like almost all authors has rough edges.