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FLK Oil Fuel Filter Kit ISEKI Tx Tx Tractor | eBay

I would start by putting your battery on a charger, and letting it top off while you do the next couple steps. Shipping costs are not available for this item. It should fire up after a little bit of cranking. His phone number is Ilikeurtractor, When isolating the injectors, what do I do to the hard lines?

I connected 1 glow plug and it pulled 11 amps, when I connected all 3 my in series meter went over range. There also should be a fuel shut off valve. The procedure I was doing prior more or less did the same thing.


Activate the glow plugs, and let them warm for 20 seconds or so. Water pump, oil sump, steering arm.

Iseki TX2140 – photos

By clicking the button below, you agree to the TractorByNet. Remove the air filter cover and filter, and aim the hot air down the manifold. When it acts like it wants to start it is sputtering, so maybe only 1 injector is functioning? I will try that. Homepage Today’s Posts Search. When attempting to start it blatted and pushed out smoke that wasn’t exactly black, but somewhat brownish gray.

Find parts quickly and easily using our exploded catalogue diagrams that enables you to: I don’t know if glow plugs draw current when they go bad or not. Shipping costs are not available for this item.

Its worth a shot if you can’t get it running. I thought about your tractor situation when I started mine today, and I checked my fuel that was low after running out last week, and having to bleed mine. Results 1 to 10 of We will not share your e-mail address with any other party for any reason. Water pump, oil sump, steering arm. More Stock Expected Soon. Bolens G Iseki TX fuel line broken now won’t start after repair In my experience, and according to things I have read, grey smoke means little combustion is occurring, as when the chamber is cold and no preheating device is used.


I will try this procedure in the morning. You could try emailing Sam from Sam’s Bolens. Both would cause these issues. The black smoke would make one think it is definitely getting fuel. More Stock Expected Soon.

View Order Form Close. Search for diagrams by make, model and application Identify where your part goes Match related parts Ensure the part fits your tractor make and model Identify part numbers and add them to your order View all Exploded diagrams.

The voltage drops on my battery from Hit return or click search to show results. We have the complete Sparex range of replacement tractor parts and accessories at Malpasonline. Example Searches By Part No: