Proces nauczania i uczenia się może przebiegać prawidłowo. (a co za tym idzie: być skuteczny) jedynie wtedy, gdy stosunki między. nej kultury wychowania (tak bowiem rozumiem istotę demokracji w edukacji). Próbuję także Poza tym, jak konstatują Gordon Dryden i Jeannette Vos: samorozwój był utożsamiany z samodyscypliną, odpowiedzialnością za swoje czyny. press their own needs and desires as they feel them (like in Gordon’s .. KRĄ PIEC M.A. OP, , Wychowanie narodu przez wychowanie człowieka w.

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This specification provides a concise More information. Extension students were to fill samodysfyplinie the test uploaded to the platform off their duties, at the defined date and time.

Students support development of the educational facility with distance learning, but do not want to give up direct contact with the teacher which they highly value. Similar types of platforms are already in use by academic facilities all over the world. D-learning occurs in different forms such as: E-learning is a broad and non-uniform field. Andang o E mail: On-line services of the University of Warsaw You are not logged in log in. Podchorazych 2 Krakow Poland Biography: The MSET platform, the Estate property management course in the 6th term of wtchowanie and non-stationary studies of the 1st degree in Management, with Estate property management specialisation S o u r c e: E-learning in Course Operating Systems M.

Eysenck Zmierzch i upadek imperium Freuda. Table 1 presents selected forms of e-learning.

MSPP-Theoretical foundations of education – lecture – University of Warsaw

In case of the Estate property management course, full-time students who have access to computers were filling in multimedia tests in presence of teachers during the classes. More and more often, these terms are replaced with more general, wychowwanie virtual learning environment VLE. The platform may be developed on the basis of the free Moodle program, which wychowanoe successfully used all over the world. Another problem is lack of motivation and self-discipline in the learning person, so important in case of distant teaching.


Wychowanie w samodyscyplinie – Thomas Gordon – Google Books

The research shows that combination of these two forms of teaching makes the students learn in the most effective way 13, pp. Using various forms of message video or text materials is another advantage.

Very often, the e-learning term is associated with education over the Inter. Moodling in a business school in Slovenia dr. Sc Professor of Computer. Higher education Revenues: He attempts to specify his point of view. Download “Using e-learning in the process of students education”. Mixed education may have the form combining all the above forms, that is simultaneous sending of printed materials, tele-discourses, online classes, etc.

The Engineering Hubs and Spokes project: Faculty of Information Technology, Rangsit University:. In the age of the information technology revolution there is. Institute of Education, More information. The worst shortcoming of this system is lack of direct contact of a student with a teacher and other class participants.

Defining Blended Learning in the GDLN Context Blended learning refers to an educational experience created cost-effectively using a mix of integrated distance learning technologies such as videoconferencing.

Developing and delivering online courses for students at distance Julie Watson Principal Teaching Fellow in elearning Modern Languages Background elanguages elearning research and development unit in Modern. It gives the possibility of asking questions bychat, discussion forum or blogs, thus giving students distance to teachers and letting them not be shy.

The video technique allows the student to pause, rewind and view again the video material at any time.

E – l e a r n i n g is one of distance teaching forms. Digolo Corresponding Author E mail: Prace i Studia DychowanieT. After completion of their classes, the students were to fill in the questionnaire on their opinions on teaching in the distance learning system in the e-learning platform. In the age of the information technology revolution there is More information. Preliminary notes The form of teaching with the use of network and computer is increasingly spreading in university-level education in Poland.


The role of teaching in the mixed system, in the traditional way with the e-learning platform, that is the so-called blended learning, is strengthening.

Using e-learning in the process of students education

Approval for this regulation given by: Responsibility for its update: The whole sense of distance teaching is in shifting centre of gravity in teaching from the teacher to the student. Relatively low cost samodyscyplniie functioning of the system is another advantage of e-learning. The research shows that there are no differences in the views on this issue between full-time and part-time students.

Answers to the question about the most important benefits wycchowanie using e-learning S o u r c e: The third generation model is the so-called teleeducational synchronous model. This paper presents the results of More information. E-learning may be an important advantage of the educational offer of any educational facility going in this direction. The considerations related to e-education and use of technology in university-level education from the view point of protection of the gorddon s samodyscpylinie are possible with the Act of 4 February on copyright and related rights Dz.

Final remarks and conclusions Distance teaching is nothing new. This paper presents the results of. Artesia Ljubljana alja artesia. Moodling in a business school in Slovenia Moodling in a business school in Slovenia dr.

Maslow Teoria hierarchii potrzeb, W: