Read about Day of Doom, Book 6 of The 39 Clues: Cahills vs. Vespers series by David Baldacci. Day of Doom (The 39 Clues: Cahills vs. A shadowy organization known only as the Vespers snatched seven members of the Cahill family and demanded a. Day of Doom is the sixth and final book in the Cahills vs. Vespers series. It is written by David Baldacci and published on March 5.

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Dan has gathered seventeen ingredients of the thirty-nine for his own master serum. I know it would be “unrealistic” if everyone survived then again, Baldacci hadn’t really been doing that well with the whole attempt at being realistic in the first placebut why Evan and Natalie?

Day of Doom

And was it necessary? Or the conclusion where Amy needs to speak to or notice each and every character and make some observation.

Would you like us to take another look at this review? If that hasn’t convinced you NOT to read the Cahills vs.

The 39 Clues – Wikipedia

So Amy and Dan are truly alone? They battle Eisenhower Holt and Ian Kabra over a partial serum. Remind me never to read a bestseller. There were also a lot of times when some characters had to be pushed into action, even though it was clear they were already in a high pressure situation where they needed to act quickly. Though I will admit it ended a little over dramatic. Children’s Literature in Education.


To view it, click here. Critical reception of the 39 Clues has been mostly positive.

Will he ever recover, I wonder? She was the most OOC out of all of them. I don’t like how David Baldacci displayed him. There is also a secret piece of sheet music.

Retrieved April 23, My main issue with this book was that it was not told, cclues narrated, in the same way that the past five books had been.

The Cahills go to the book’s current location at the Library of Philosophy and Cosmology in Prague but cannot enter without a reference. Only because I have appreciated the other 5 books in the series, and the prior 39 Clues series, and because I was invested in the series, and needed to see how it ended, did I read this. The Heroes of Olympus: And finally, if you’ve made it to the end, check out Jessica’s review, which is just plain awesome and sums up most everything I felt about this book perfectly.

Amy gets a text from Dan saying they need to move, and Jake gets all sulky because she won’t hang around for another snog “Sometimes a guy just can’t win. It was like Baldacci took writing lessons from Stephanie Meyer and then wrote this book. Vespers series A novel by David Baldacci. The book was full of anticlimactic, abrupt plot twists. But I could get over that.


Day of Doom (39 Clues : Cahills vs. Vespers, book 6) by David Baldacci

We never found out the purpose of a Guardian. Exclusive on final two titles, covers! I think my favorite thing about this book besides the fact that good conquered evil, the Vespers were destroyed, etc. He gets a section to himself because he was such an awesome character in series 1 and plus his sister died, so I feel sorry for him. She already disowned them and has double-crossed them more times than I have fingers and toes!

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Luckily, Dan and Amy had hid the clue on a boat shortly before being kidnapped by the Kabras. In the aftermath, Amy, Sinead, and Dan discuss how they will return to their normal lives. The young Cahills must split up and take to the skies to try to find the answer.

I hate this scene with a passion tea lemonade And this is what’s supposed to make it all better: