1, Audi, benígne Cónditor, Nóstras préces cum flétibus, In hoc sácro jejúnio. Fúsas quadragenário. Thou loving Maker of mankind, / Before Thy throne we pray. AUDI BENIGNE CONDITOR A Lenten hymn formerly attributed to Pope Gregory the Great (Migne), but now dated as late as the early ninth century (Szövé. Authoritative information about the hymn text Audi, benigne Conditor, with lyrics.

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Its English translators include W. The text is also in Danieli.

Gregory the Great Gregory I. Audi benigne Conditor First Line: Contributed to his English Hymnaltoin 5 stanzas of 4 lines.

A Clerk of Oxford: Audi, benigne Conditor, ‘Lustne, mylde Wrouhte’

Lacey and others. Retrieved December 31, from Encyclopedia. Audi, benigne Conditor First Line: Praesta, beata Trinitas, concede, simplex Unitas, ut fructuosa sint tuis haec parcitatis munera. Gregory the Great Thou gracious Author of our days.


We’re behind where we have been in past years with this drive, and we are hoping to catch up a little between now and January 1, ! Sic corpus extra conteri dona per abstinentiam, ieiunet ut mens sobria a labe prorsus criminum. Gregory’s Works see Migne’s Patrologiatom.

Our hearts are open, Lord, to Thee: Hymne pour le Careme First Line: The Catholic Youth’s Hymn Book Give us self-control that springs from discipline of outward things, that fasting inward secretly conditog soul may purely dwell with Thee.

O merciful Creator, heed.

Audi, benigne Conditor (Guillaume Dufay)

To us in pity bow Thine ear: By Drummond,in Heber’s Hymns Please know that we want to keep Hymnary the most complete database of North American hymnody on the planet going for many years to come. Modern Language Association http: Thou knowest our infirmity; conditorr out on all who seek Thy face abundance of Thy pardoning grace.

Appeared in the Hymnal Noted,from whence it passed into Murray’s Hymnal, and several later collections. Audi, benigne Conditor Date: Chambers, in his Lauda Syon, i. Scrutator alme cordium, infirma tu scis virium; ad te reversis exhibe remissionis gratiam.


The Pius X Hymnal d Your donations help us do that. Father of Mercies, conditkr hear. Audi, benigne Conditor Author: Manual of Catholic Melodies d9.

Hymnary Friends,

Notes Audi, benigne Conditor. Neale “O Maker of the world, give ear,”and E. Thou loving Maker of mankind.