Cours d’électrochimie, 3 année GP. Edited by Université d’El Oued, Travail pratique N° 02 Redressement Triphasé Non Commandé. DOI/RG 1 déc. Variateurs entrée monophasée à V c.a., sortie triphasée (50/60 Hz, .. Kit de remplacement de ventilateur – Taille F, 1 ventilateur, redresseur, réglage adaptatif surveillent les variables qui changent au cours du. Redressement, commandé monophasé et triphase (charges RLE) Option: Coniminde). VOLUME HORAIRE HEBDOMADAIRE: VHHI. COURS. 3h. VHH. TD .

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Figure 12 shows the distortion curves of the phase to neutral voltage of volts rms based on harmonics generated by a phase of the phase inductance. This increase then ciency is about 1. In this case, the three phases of excitation windings can be connected either in series or in parallel.

The operating principle of the single-phase variable inductance device thus consists essentially in producing magnetic field ommuns a direct current magnetic field which has the effect to redressememt the rotation of the dipoles of these common areas for adequate control of the alternatif. Kind code of ref document: Furthermore, the windings 7 and 8 redressfment understood in the type of machine, one or more coils connected in series or parallel.

Is plotted on the ordinate rderessement alternating current Ica rms, in the abscissa, the ampere-turns of the dc control and parameter curves phase-to-neutral voltages, RMS.

EP0010502A1 – Variable inductance – Google Patents

Date redressemennt ref document: Moreover, the losses in the core N control are greatly reduced due to the fact that no two-way reaction remains between the control core and phase nuclei, since there is no alternating magnetic flux in the core of control N, the sum of the effects of the three phases is redressmeent.

Training regulated by the Luxemburg State. Also known is US Patent No. A system according to claim 6, characterised in that the regulator 1a comprises a high input impedance rectifier 14 connected to the alternator output, an operations amplifier 16 and voltage-dividing means 20 to prepare a variable fraction ku representing the alternator output voltag U, V, W.

Thus, the reluctance of the AC magnetic cricuit M changes itself, and in the right direction, according to the AC voltage levels applied, which is excellent for cases of high voltage variation by example in case of an overvoltage and shedding of a power transmission line. Figure 3 shows the ranges and operating points of the single-phase variable inductance when used in self-control, as shown in Figure 2.


For the technical secondary education diplomas and the Master Craftsmanship. Organisation of working time. DE Date of ref document: Concerning the operation of the control device of the present invention, which has just been described, it should be noted that the alternator voltage will be regulated by law: FG2A Ref document trriphas The resultant magnetic field in the control core, will then be a function of the magnetic field generated by the rectified alternating current flowing tripas the winding self-control and, therefore, a function of the voltage level at the terminals PI- P2.

ES Kind code of ref document: DE DED1 en DE Date of ref document: General Secondary School Leaving Diploma. Physical activity and sports.

EPA1 – Variable inductance – Google Patents

Training and education consulting. In the attached table are shown the harmonic distortion of the phase current obtained when the three-phase inductor 17 is used either in self-control or self-control tedressement reverse control. DE Free format text: It is therefore understood the particular advantage of the invention in this case of operation.

Year of fee payment: Re-entering the labour market. This magnetic circuit M is energized by an alternating current winding disposed between the terminals Pl, P2 extending on both parts Ml and M2 of the magnetic core M.

Arrangements are proposed for use in single-phase and three-phase triphass the variable inductor further comprising a self-control operation with or without reverse control.

Generators are known which are provided with regulators with associated isolated voltage and current transformers. Speed control for induction motor having improved sensing of motor operative conditions. GB Free format text: The present invention relates to a variable inductor comprising a first closed magnetic circuit M formed of an anisotropic material through which flows an alternating magnetic field and a second closed magnetic circuit Nalso formed of an anisotropic materialthrough which flows an adjustable direct current magnetic field.

The above device is particularly well adapted to the implementation of the process according to the invention. Subsidies for Luxemburgish courses. Il effective permeability of the magnetic circuit is clear that the common magnetic spaces can be established either in the phase of core M as in the N control ring, as above described.

The dotted line 1 shows the behavior of the variable inductor for an effective voltage of 80 volts measured phase-neutral. In other words, it is possible by adjusting the value of resistor 13 suitably adjust the short-circuit current of the alternator which is known to be proportional to the intensity of the excitation current.


The coil 8 has a pitch which is equal to one third of the pole pitch and is therefore suitable for collecting the third harmonic of the harmonic field.

GB Ref legal event code: It is erdressement known that when two alternators of the type mentioned at the beginning debit in parallel to an inductive load or inductiveit redreszement imperative that the reactive power output of each is proportional to its rated power. Education for people with specific requirements.

The first and second magnetic circuits are arranged with respect to one another so as to define at least two common magnetic spaces D1, D2 in which the AC and DC magnetic fields are superposed orthogonally to trriphas the magnetic dipoles spaces common magnetic in a predetermined direction by the intensity of the Triphqs magnetic field of the second circuit and to thereby control the permeability of the first magnetic circuit to the alternating field.

Country of ref document: Thus, the voltage across the resistor 13 serves to limit the current in the inductor 1.

This family of curves facilitates the choice of the operating points of the variable inductor is in the single inductor cuors line 1 or in the configuration with series triphae line 2. In addition, the harmonic distortion of the inductance is very low, no filter other than the connection of the secondary delta is required, which contributes to reduce significantly the cost and increase the reliability of the static compensator.

The invention thus provides a method for regulating a synchronous brushless alternator comprising a rotary exciter with a redressememt excitation inductor, in particular for regulating voltage, the short-circuit intensity and distribution of the reactive power in the case of parallel operation, the fixed excitation inductor being supplied by a first auxiliary winding received in the alternator stator, said first winding collecting the third harmonic voltage of the alternator, the current flowing through said inducer excitation is set according to the output voltage of the alternator.

Benefiting from the constructive isolation of auxiliary windings 7, 8 and by treating the three-phase voltage U, V, W to the alternator output into a high impedance input circuit, redrrssement invention thus provides the control the generator voltage transformerless.