The AquaForte SmartSieve with a micron screen, twin 4 inch inlets, gallons per hour capacity and a price of $ including shipping. A new breakthrough in technology and price level! Twin inlets (mm) Patented flow regulation. Strong Polyethylene housing. Improved edges around sieve. Has anyone using one of these sieves any feed back would be welcome, Cant find anything about them bar the basic on the Aquaforte website.

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Web photos Looks like they put a ridge on the outlets to keep the flexible connector from pulling off.

Aquaforte Smart Sieve

Now if the power is out for a couple hours and qauaforte container is full the whole time there will be more than a slight bow and it will remain bowed forever. There is a float that you adjust smartsievw the bottom it has 4 settings.

Pre-Filters make sure the main filter is able to do its work better Pre-filters remove coarse dirt particles from the pond water before the water gets to the main filter. Im sure once I mount and adjust the float I could give a more definitive answer.

The SmartSieve can therefore at a very attractive price in the market put. Hopefully I can figure out how to stop that from happening. Elecro G2 Heat Exchanger.


Aquaforte Smart Sieve

Aeration For Koi Ponds. I wont be able to install it untill this weekend at least. Maybe the guys pump is too small thats why its overfilling?

Dirty Harry Pre Filter. Is it too tight for what I’m trying to accomplish? I don’t see any specific info available on the issue Zac mentions aquafote the variance of the weir position. Or move the Aquadyne filter to the skimmer circuit. Haven’t been able to find any good pictures of the inside of the SmartSieve, does it have similar supports? Performance Pro Pond Pump.

Looking at the video first 20 seconds posted by Spaun it looks like the SmartSieve has the same problem as my Compact though and it might not be easy to fix on the SmartSieve? Did you go for the SmartSieve based on price or features dual input, etc? Sorry, haven’t seen these two units mentioned here in the US.

Aquzforte don’t have one yet but became very interested and started this thread to get some information as it is lacking on the manufactures and vendors websites currently. Thanks for the feedback Spaun, very valuable. Currently, my skimmer circuit is Savio Large faceplate that goes into a 3″ manifold with feedback to 5 TPRs with no filtration planning on smaartsieve this intact.


Also, a sump container. The new innovative filter is a gravity fed Smart Sieve produced by means of a special technique of rotation moulding of the casing aquavorte the filter in one piece. Maybe they corrected this problem since that guy purchased his. Aquafore Products In This Category. My guess in the first video is that the screen is installed upside down.

So every time the pump is turned off, and the sieve container fills with water, the container walls will bow out. I should have it up and running tomorrow. Multi Cyclone Solids Remover. I was hoping for a link to a website so I could check out the unit in detail.

Elecro Cygnet Aquatic Heater.

Speck Badu Pond Pumps. Infra – Red Pond Thermometers.

EA Inline Water Purifiers. While i have no experience with it, i don’t trust the design of the weir on the SmartSieve and the leakage? Aquarium – Water Treatments. Surely Aqua Forte wouldn’t have put such a seemingly-sloppy design on the market? Sorry for being a bit off topic but might be interesting info for those coming here with same thoughts and worries about the SmartSieve as me.

K1 Micro Bead Filters.