Inferno is a mystery thriller novel, the sixth by renowned American author Dan Brown and the fourth book in his Robert Langdon series, following Angels. In Inferno, Dan Brown once again offers readers the same heady mix of history, art, symbols, and high-wire tension that catapulted The Da Vinci Code, Angels. Dan Brown is the author of numerous #1 bestselling novels, most recently Inferno . His book The Da Vinci Code is one of the bestselling novels of all time.

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Core questions require students to analyze textual details In what specific ways are Langdon and Sienna alike and different?

Compare and contrast the descriptions of Venice in this section with earlier descriptions of Florence. Doubleday; First Edition edition May 14, Language: How does the inclusion of the drone in the narrative allow the reader to make connections to the world outside of the text?

Brown does us all a service by bringing it to the attention of millions of readers. I just start at Angels and Demons as soon as I hear that book is coming up The leader of The Consortium tries to escape WHO custody with help from disguised underlings, but he is caught later by Turkish police.


There are minor variations to Brown’s tried and tested formula, but it will not add anything to your reading experience.

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Showing of 21, reviews. But since I last read a Dan Brown novel a few years have passed and I’ve read lots of amazing books. I also enjoyed the whirlwind tour of the city having visited Florence last year. Have students respond to the first two columns, and have them share their responses with the class.

What are several literary works representative of your genre? Once this initial phase of research was complete, I began outlining and writing the novel. Use a simple T-Chart located here: At the end of the novel, Browwn. See all 40 questions about Inferno….

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Do you personally agree with these principles? Facilitate the conversation and concentrate on eliciting student responses. There’s nothing to see here so I would encourage you to keep it moving. She helps Langdon find the virus Zobrist created, but her past relationship with Broen makes her loyalty to Langdon suspicious until the end of the novel. View all 85 comments. And I rather dam cheesy books. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

Our insufferable, pretentious, supposedly smart but unable to see an obvious mole in his midst Harvard professor. The Book Was Better: He collapsed in Venice because dqn had been ordered to detain Brooks, as the Provost Consortium head had allied with Sinskey, with Brooks realizing and punching him in his damaged ribs.


The authorities need brpwn protagonist’s help to solve a puzzle left by our instigator just before he died, which has some clue in to the nature of Allow me to summarize every Dan Brown novel ever: The Vasari Corridor from Wiki commons Is the information interesting? It was a piercing, old-fashioned ring, coming from the kitchen.

Discuss the historical significance of the Vasari Corridor pp.

They could be here at any minute, and he had to hurry. A well-known figure has died and that started a chain of events with catastrophic consequences.

Inferno Teacher’s Guide

To ask other readers questions about Infernoplease sign up. I’m not even going to bother with the rest of the cast. Robert finds a biohazard cylinder in his jacket and decides to call the U. Actually that made me a bit confused infrenul somehow taking side with the ‘villain’ in this novel At this moment, Ignazio’s secretary calls Robert and tells him that he died of a heart attack, infenrul his last words were “Paradise