Billable Accounts. Select Customer from the Left Navigation and Add a New Customer. This is your billing entity. You can configure the account as pre-‐paid or. The Asterisk A2Billing Calling-Card-Platform A guide to the basics of using A2Billing the asterisk Handbook (). Maual. Contribute to eluizbr/Manual development by creating an account on GitHub.

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It is from this interface that cards are topped up manually via the refill button. Calls Compare Calls A2illing allows you to look at traffic patterns from day to day. All the basic settings of A2Billing are contained within this file. Set the rates which you are charged under add rate or Import rate card. From the customer screen, they can click forgot password, and an email would automatically be sent to them with their log in details. Additionally, the page allows the administrator to search for a specific card, or a batch of cards.

Broadband In order to take full advantage of manial the features offered by A2Billing, a broadband connection will be required, preferably with a fixed A2gilling address. This number, or the customer’s email address is used to log in to the web site graphical user interface. Many thousands of pounds can be lost in a very short space of time should your platform be compromised.

Speed dials are listed here. Add Charge Charges are added against a customer in this screen.

Documentation (Admin) | A2Billing

A2billing rate-card has to exist before rates can be imported. Thus it is important to note that the CallerID must be unique throughout the system. Having created a customer, they can be set up as SIP Friends. Cards sold in currencies other than the base currency will use this table to make the conversion. The form allows VAT to a2bllling charged, as well as selecting which tariff group will apply to this customer.


Manually adding customer payment in A2Billing

It is imperative that an accurate set of dialling codes is obtained, so that calls can be rated correctly. Clicking Edit will give access to the individual properties of the customer.

The A2Billing interface can be accessed through [http: The trigger point to send a low balance email is set in a2billing. There is a link on the screen to export vouchers to a CSV file, which could be sent to a commercial printer to create scratch-off top-up vouchers.

If individual access is enabled, then the fraudster will only be able to make a relatively few calls, thus reducing your exposure.

Documentation (Admin)

So having set up a PayPal business account, A2billling gives the facility to collect payments online and securely with customers topping up their calling cards with either PayPal or any major credit card. There are various ways that an A2Billing customer can trigger the call: The destinations that are to be included in the free minutes package are selected within the rate card. Although there are a number of clone cards, it is recommended that Digium cards are purchased for two reasons. The base currency is set up in a2billing.

The following tools are recommended for a Windows user. Hold down the CTRL key and click each section in turn for which access is allowed. Create Mail Template New mail templates can be created.

A2gilling Invoices previously prepared and despatched to the customer along with the balance on their account. When you are happy with the import file, click import rate-card.

Add the rate cards created above to the tariff group using the Add Tariff Plan button.

These can be filtered to show one of Four levels: A Call Plan is a collection of rate-cards. Lists the callback servers that have been added to the system for making calls.


List Voucher Vouchers are a mechanism whereby customers can top up their cards by purchasing a voucher from a retail outlet. If the call times out or fails in some way, a second destination can be added with a different destination, and the the priority sets the order in which the calls are made. Shows an hour by hour analysis of calls made during the day. Add Administrator allows you to add an administrator with access to the whole system. Which group a2billkng CID to deliver to the called party are defined against each rate in the Add Rate section.

Database Restore This screen lists all the backups a2billiing have been made, and the system can restore the selected backup by clicking restore. The priority sets the first number to be called. If the dialled digits do not match an entry in the rate card attached to the customer, then the call cannot be terminated.

There are 2 buttons against each customer which allow the invoice and payment history to be viewed. Generate vouchers is to bulk create a number of vouchers, which may be printed and sold to customers.

It may be easier to create the rates for import in an access database or excel spreadsheet, as for each destination, the dialling code of the destination is required. The screen will then offer the option to apply stepped charges to the customer.

This screen allow the operator to create a2bklling new callback which is them displayed in the show callbacks screen.