Josquin Des Prez. Absalon, Fili Mi, motet for 4 parts (poss. spurious). Composition Information ↓; Description ↓; Appears On ↓. Share on. facebook · twitter. Absalon fili mi (La Rue, Pierre de). Authorship Note This work was formerly attributed to Josquin Desprez. Movements/SectionsMov’ts/Sec’s, 1. Genre Categories. I re-open the question of Absalom fili mi with some diffidence. TVNM reade The attribution of Absalom to Josquin is found in three mid-century German.

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But there were four abwalon Josquin works to go, including some cat-and-mouse counterpoint in “Salve Regina” and an intriguing alto-baritone duo in the middle of the solidly constructed “O bone et dulcissime Jesu. Here, The News critics give us their top picks.

6: Josquin Desprez – Absalon fili mi | A history of classical music in 50 short pieces – Music

But it has been crafted around a fifth voice singing a plainsong cantus firmus, whereas the two passages of compound stretto fuga in Absalon are both free-standing. Click on this photo to ojsquin the review.: The curious death of the Christmas hit single is a tragedy for the younger generation Neil McCormick.

This weird celebration resembled an ITV staff party 1. Admittedly the sample analyses offered here reveal a work with a highly distinctive fuga mj, one that may already seem to point towards one composer in particular.

The opening declamatory “L’homme arme,” played while standing, was followed by “Absolon fili mi,” with its firmly undergirding baritone support and haunting sense of repeated descending lines.


Miserere mei Deus – Sacred Motets.

Absalon Fili Mi, Josquin Desprez

The World of Early Music. From Shayne Ward to Matt Terry: We’ve noticed you’re adblocking. Moreover, the two interlocks themselves are meshed with one another.

In the paragraphs below I canvass for greater precision, by penetrating below the sounding surface of the music and focusing nar- rowly on the substance of the fuga imitation on which the polyphony is founded. In addition to the Desprez selections, the concert includes four other repeats fromall with some direct or oblique Renaissance reference: On the contrary, it was used by other composers, though with surface variants that camouflage its underlying substance.

But the crown may have been two sections from the “Missa Pange Lingua. Paula Higgins Oxford,21—49 absalln 30—5.

Absalon Fili Mi, Josquin Desprez | Repertoire | Amherst Saxophone Quartet

Evidently some care has gone into crafting this passage. Missa De Beata Virgine.

Early Music For Dummies. If you can’t get to the repeat concert, take heart.

CMME Repertory Access

Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. How has this situation arisen? Read Ivan Hewett’s listening notes for this piece Listen to all 50 pieces as a Spotify playlist. ASQ’s ‘Renaissance Sax’ is one for the ages.

When the Duke of Ferrara was looking for a composer to head up his Court Chapel in he was advised to avoid Josquin because his fee was too high, and anyway he only composed when he felt like it.


Its surviving sources represent it at two different pitch-levels separated by the interval of a ninth, and there may once have been copies notated midway between them: The motet is scored for four voices, but in an joquin low register: Josquin was born around in Northern France, landed various plum jobs joquin Italy, and spent his last decades in an abbey in what is now Belgium.

In Absalon, however, we find something much rarer: Christmas number two singles. Sources variously attribute this piece to Josquin or to Pierre foli La Rue.

Call —Herman Trotter.

The Motet arounded. For sheer sonic beauty, it’s pretty close to nirvana. Josquin des Prez or Pierre de la Rue. The Golden Age, Vol. Privacy policy About ChoralWiki Disclaimers. Though he lived mostly during the 15th century, Josquin Desprez’s life spanned the Middle Ages and the modern world, and he is identified with the polyphony of the 16th century.

Article Buffalo News, The. But, unlike many official expressions of grief, this one is piercingly real, almost as if the composer himself had been bereaved.