The project was created as a development of the winning logo design in a competition for Beskydy Euroregion. The Beskydy Euroregion is a. Czym jest EUROREGION? Kultura powstaly w wyniku polaczenia ze soba mniejszych miasteczek Główne i największe miasta. 22The website of the Polish member of the Euroregion (gion- ) provides somewhat different.

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The typography used in communication materials refers to the craft and traditions of the region. The Secretariat provides communication between all Parties, supports the activities of the various bodies of the Convention, is responsible for coordinating the implementation of the Programme of Work of the Convention, supports the preparation and implementation of joint projects, and prepares materials for meetings of the Conference of the Parties and its bodies.

The Conference of the Parties COPwhere all Parties to the Convention are represented is the highest and the main decision-making body of the Carpathian Convention, established on the basis of its Article The Beskydy Euroregion is a triparti… Read More.

Energy Cities, Local authorities in energy transition. Add to Collection Copy link. BBbike was launched on 1 October Ordinary meetings of the Conference of the Parties shall be held every three years, each time hosted by the Party taking over the Presidency of the Convention.

Euroregion Beskydy – Wikipedia

It operates 24 hours a day in the spring, summer and autumn. More information in English on the CC Working Groups terms of reference and activities at the website of the Convention.

Join How to join Why we joined. Former everyday France Multiple Owners by: The CCIC meets at least once a year, and its task include preparation of the decisions of the Conference of the Parties, monitoring the progress and recommending activities towards the implementation of the Convention and its Protocols, recommending the adoption of additional protocols and strategies, as well as the preparation of the next COP meetings.


Euroregion Beskydy

BrandingGraphic DesignArt Direction. Bodies implementing the Carpathian Convention Fot. Its aim is to undertake joint activities for the balanced and sustainable development of the region and the approximation of its inhabitants and institutions in the border areas. The tasks and powers of the COP include the adoption of thematic protocols to the Convention, work programs and budget for the following years of implementation of the Convention, establishment of subsidiary bodies of the Convention and supervision over the implementation of the Convention.

CESCI – Euroregions – Slovakia

Pursuant to Rule 35 any other State, and any national, intergovernmental or non-governmental organization with euroreigon related to the Convention entered on the list communicated by the Secretariat to the Bureau of the Conference of eurorregion Parties prior to each meeting may participate as observer at the ordinary and extraordinary meetings of the Conference. Decisions of the COP are taken unanimously, and therefore not as a result of a formal voting, but by consensus, where an agreement is reached through negotiations.

The project was created as a development of the winning logo design in a competition for Beskydy Euroregion. Identification without limits, everything is possible Multiple Owners by: After the campaign “Save energy, protect the climate”, the municipality of Bielsko-Biala continues its way to sustainability with “BBbike”, a new self-serviced bike rental system. The photos used in the project’s presentation come from the resources of the Beskidy region association.


The system consists of 12 stations and bikes. Sign Up With Email. Media Press releases Articles Communication tools.

Michniowski has been awarded by the Laurel of Skills and Competence regarding his work to the development the Polish-Czech-Slovak border in the framework of the Euroregion Beskidy.

The stations are spaced every few hundred meters, which makes it easy to reach the selected area at any time. Basic Description The project was created as a development of the winning logo design in a competition for Beskydy Euroregion. Does the French eruoregion energy programme maintain the status quo or signal a shift in trajectory?

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Credits Wojtek Staniewski Warsaw, Poland. Most recently in Poland submitted an offer of the location for a permanent secretariat in Rzeszow. Welcome to the website “Secretariat of the Carpathian Convention”.

Currently, eight thematic Working Groups support the euroretion of the Carpathian Convention:. The municipality proposes a website which explains how to use this system, how to rent a bike Layers of the Wilanow key landscape by: Energy Cities Conference How Milton Keynes used artificial intelligence to better engage with its citizens Policy beskiddy Comments You must sign up to join the conversation.

About The project was created as a development of the winning logo design in a competition for Beskydy Euroregion.