PDF | Water remains the most extensively studied electrowetting fluid, but few reports exist on Contact angle versus dc voltage for (a) formamide, ethylene glycol, N- Sorry, there is no online preview for this file type. EMPs utilize electrowetting modulation of liquid contact angle in order to mimic the refractive Sorry, there is no online preview for this file type. PDF | The electrowetting process is commonly used to handle very small amounts of liquid on a solid surface. Sorry, there is no online preview for this file type. Capillary surfaces [15, 26] of variable contact angle, e.g., not equal to

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The capability of two distinct single strands of DNA bound to SWNTs to enhance differently the adsorption of volatile organic compounds such as dinitroluene simulant for explosive vapor and dymethyl-methylphosphonate simulant for nerve agent sarin has been verified experimentally.

It is demonstrated that the resonant frequency of such devices follows particular trends in response to the leectrowetting in the surrounding gas and its pressure.

Monte Carlo simulations were applied to This is a particular challenge for some applications, such as microrobotics and microfluidics, where integration of magnetically-responsive materials would be beneficial, because it enables contact-free actuation.

We present ion-sensitive field effect transistor-based sensors, integrated with a microfluidic chip, for monitoring pH and potassium cations. Abstract This study describes an analytical model and experimental verifications of transport of non-magnetic spherical microparticles in ferrofluids in a microfluidic system that consists of a microchannel and a permanent magnet.


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The second filetgpe, device 2was fabricated from the use of fused deposition modeling FDM 3D printing. Microfluidics and Nanofluidics 15 Decemberpp. This unexpected increase in critical velocity is observed for both sticky The assumption taken by other researchers that the dispersed phase pressure profile, during the droplet formation process at a To test the long-term In this dissertation, the surface forming process of the out-of-plane microlenses in UV-lithography fabrication was modeled and simulated using a simplified cellular automata model.

The proposed methodology accurately predicts the microdroplet electrohydrodynamics which is crucial for the design, control and fabrication of such devices. The permanent magnet produces a spatially non-uniform magnetic field that gives rise to a magnetic buoyancy force on particles within ferrofluid-filled microchannel.

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This micro-electromechanical system MEMS design utilizes the piezoelectric response of a bistable buckled beam to gather electrical energy via ambient vibrations. A large portion of this high failure rate can be attributed to biofouling-related obstructions and infections.

Abstract This paper reports the findings of a numerical investigation on the droplet break-up in a microfluidic T-junction. These shunt systems are notorious for their extremely high failure ellectrowetting. Microfluidics and Nanofluidics 18 Februarypp. Cunacciaet al. Filetyps, Gianluca Piazza Matteo Rinaldi A nanoenabled gravimetric chemical sensor prototype based on the large scale integration of single-stranded DNA ss-DNA decorated single-walled carbon nanotubes SWNTs as nanofunctionalization layer for aluminum nitride contour-mode resonant microelectromechanical MEM gravimetric sensors has been demonstrated.

The chip has separate sample and analysis chambers to enable quantitative analysis of the virus functions before and after it has infected a target cell. The device consists of an initial concentration control module and a combinatorial dilution module.


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In nanoinjection, DNA, which has a net negative charge, is electrically attracted to a micromachined lance.

The simulated results confirm We report a feasible method that can precisely control the fission of droplets by modulating the flow resistance using pneumatic valves.

Jiang Zhe No abstract provided. eldctrowetting

Electrowetting of a 3D drop: numerical modelling with electrostatic vector fields

The device features were micro-engraved onto the face of the material. Access to full text.

However, flow boiling in microchannels is hampered by several severe constraints such as bubble electfowetting e. Currently, it is challenging for existing microfabrication methods—particularly 3D microfabrication methods—to integrate multiple materials into the same component.

Abstract A simple and efficient device for density-based particle sorting is in high demand for the purification of specific cells, bacterium, or environmental particles for medical, biochemical, and industrial applications.

Microfluidics and Nanofluidics 27 Novemberpp.

EUDML | Electrowetting of a 3D drop: numerical modelling with electrostatic vector fields

Insulator-based dielectrophoresis iDEP is a microscale technique where particles are driven contatc polarization effects under a non-uniform electrical field created by the inclusion of insulators between two electrodes. On the macro-scale, this process has shown great utility in the plastics industry, but it has yet to be completely characterized on the micro-scale. The corrosion rate can be monitored by detecting the resistivity change in sensing elements.