by. Gary Cox. · Rating details · ratings · 61 reviews. How to Be an Existentialist is a witty and entertaining book about the philosophy of existentialism. How to be an Existentialist by Gary Cox, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. At the same time, Gary Cox’s recent book How to Be an Existentialist, bracingly subtitled How to Get Real, Get a Grip and Stop Making Excuses.

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But it contains a few pages on the philosopy of Time that really are of interest to my focus of attention. I found it a stimulating read, which forced me to rethink some of my current perceptions.

Feb 07, Michelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: Like all great philosophies, existentialism is replete with timeless truths about the human condition.

Very enjoyable read, Gary Cox is a witty writer indeed!

They had no future – they were convinced they had no future – so they figured what was the difference if existntialist voted for an idiot? This is an easy-to-read book about a philosophical tendency that’s not that complicated – at least not that complicated after you’ve read the book.

How to Be an Existentialist: or How to Get Real, Get a Grip and Stop Making Excuses

Interesting, breezy and very readable. So tens of millions of voters voted for an unbalanced, lying, racist because they could. These are often hard truths to swallow, but must be confronted by anyone trying to live honestly — authenticallyas Sartre puts it. There were parts of this book I definitely enjoyed and found interesting, but I’d never recommend it to anyone.

In order to properly now existentialism, one must understand phenomenological ontology – specifically existential phenomenology. Do you think he is a great man or the actor of his own ideal?

Reviews for Existentialism and Excess have been existentialiist glowing and negative. Birmingham University,Bib Id: The concept of consciousness, the terms future-past and past-future. Firstly, I had expected to be done with it in maybe 2 hours. His comprehensive and penetrating philosophy of the human condition as put forward in Being and Nothingness and related works. This will hold its place in the long history of philosophy when his fearsome reputation as a freethinker and firebrand has been somewhat forgotten.


Gary Cox (philosopher)

Basically Existentialism For Dummies, except with a lot much more of author involvement and weird metaphors. It is a brilliant marketing strategy that gart goes out of fashion and has paid for a wealth of fancy buildings and bric-a-brac.

Only the deserving get to be simply human.

It’s a good philosophy if your present circumstances are unendurable or highly negative because one of the tenets holds that we really are transient or? Sartre could have been credited in the film Freud: I may be biased as I’ve read plenty previously about existentialism but if you’ve exiatentialist read about this philosophy before, this would be a great book to start with as it’s part philosophy, part self help, all easily accessible and actionable.

For example, Cox’s makes a crucial between authenticity the audacious crafting of one’s own meaning from recognition of the underlying meaninglessness of life and sincerity a form of bad faith that consists of convincing oneself of the solidity and necessity of certain aspects of one’s phenomenal context. Why did you decide to write a biography of Sartre?

Above all, I invite readers to make up their own mind. Secondly, I expected it to be a silly jokey read, on the basis of its silly jokey title. But as a human with consciousness you know existentialistt this acorn has the possibility of being an oak tree. Each of those fictional works reflects and comments on the personal and psychological context in which it was written — his lovers, his drugs — and increasingly upon the political and historical context as well: Sartre argues that when there is no consciousness present on the scene there is only what he called undifferentiated being.

And I wasn’t exixtentialist thrilled by it after reading, I must confess. There are particular things, like chairs and stones, and there is nothing beyond the series of particular things other than consciousness, which is nothing but consciousness of particular things. Just goes to show that you shouldn’t have to go through life with so many regrets.


How to Be an Existentialist: or How to Get Real, Get a Grip and Stop Making Excuses by Gary Cox

Cox goes further Always citing existentialists: So there is this thing about philosophers Because they can be happy, now. Implicit in this whining is the idea that people who fit this mold should change themselves to not be “whiners”, however, if they choose to be upset about everything and not take responsibility, Star breakdown: What we lack, is in fact the future.

Made me want to read more philosophy books. I have recently written a book for Bloomsbury on the philosophy of sport, focusing on the ingenious game of cricket. The Secret Passion for his material, but he withdrew his name due to content disagreements — probably not helped by their great dislike of one another. Hence, I started studying, reading up, whatever I could get into my hands, to understand more and also impress the PhD-guy at the next discussion round. Winning points for me were the inclusion of Camus simply because he refused the label agry ‘existentialist’ does not mean his work didn’t represent many of the discipline’s focal areas and a brief discussion of This small book is a satisfying primer for a newcomer to existentialism, making additionally for a fun read for those well-versed in- hiw perhaps somewhat jaded by- heavier volumes on the subject.

By Henry Martyn Lloyd. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. This book deals primarily with Sartre’s version which is, of course, the most influential of them all.

Nothing is a foregone conclusion. There are already a few Ah biographies available such as Sartre: Existential Counselling; Further Reading; Index. Dec 22, Sense of History rated it coxx was ok Shelves: