Rak was one of four men who claimed aliens abducted them while canoeing on Big Eagle Lake in the Allagash Wilderness Waterway. (Photo. In August of , twin brothers Jim and Jack Weiner, along with their two friends Charles Foltz and Charles Rack, headed to the Allagash in. The Allagash abductions is one of those UFO stories that stand out from all the others. It is considered one the top UFO stories in the United.

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History is full of unexplained mysteries and we want your help in documenting it. They each took polygraph examinations and passed.

The Allagash Abductions – An Documentary |

Either way, they chose to build a large fire on the shore so they could find their way back. Aside from the nationwide fame, celebrity-status among the UFO community, profit, and increase in the sale of their artwork, they had no reasons to make this whole thing up.

The men noticed that it was very bright, similar to the Sun. When he came forward, the other men reported similar nightmares of being examined like animals by strange creatures.

Subject of 1976 UFO incident casts doubt on ‘Allagash Abductions’

According to Rak, the men continued with their trip, and did not discuss the possibility of having been abducted by aliens until lalagash later after Jim Weiner suffered a traumatic fall and began to experience seizures. He went to his doctors and told them of the research being done by Dr.


Three of them are artists and at least one has been allagwsh art of the alleged abduction online. In the great tradition of relaxing sport expeditions, one night they made what seems to me a relatively poor choice: The men are certainly in agreement, but there are questions.

Anyway, I know now that Unsolved Mysteries is not a show you ought to let small children watch. One of the men flashed a flashlight at it and it allaash by coming closer to them and shining a bright light down at their boat. Some months back I spoke with Dr. However, skeptics, such as Dr.

The Allagash Abductions | Unsolved Mysteries Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Retrieved from ” http: Undeniable Evidence of Alien Intervention on Amazon. John Mack at Harvard, who, being a psychologist, believed that every single thing he was being told was true. Anductions than his UFO work, it should be noted, Mack was a pretty good guy. To find their way back to the bank, they made a good-size bonfire from some large logs that would burn well into the night.

The Allagash Abductions

They all remembered the strange light, but not being chased down by it, and they were uninterested in the fact that they were apparently missing a couple of hours from their night.

After the sessions, Ray brought the four men together. I have the photos of this encounter as described above, if you wish I wbductions email thenm to you. However, the four men are certain that what happened to them is real.

Were they regressed by the same person? They all give him the same story- the exact same story.

The Allagash Abductions is one of those stories. Because all of the men were hypnotically regressed to recall their stories by Raymond fowler who has a heavy Christian bias to this alien encounter, Chuck feels that the alledged abduction may have been a military ruse!


This is another area where sources differ. After this severe blow to his head, Weiner began having strange, extremely vivid nightmares of being surrounded by monsters doing experiments on his body. The men all claimed that when they set out fishing on Big Eagle Lake the evening of the UFO sighting, they had left a large fire burning at their campsite as a beacon to guide them back to shore during the pitch-black night.

S” to the object. William Cole looked into the case from a skeptical point of view. Anything is possible, but until other information comes out, this will remain one of the best UFO stories in the United States. While under hypnosis, they all spoke of the abductions and being placed back in the canoe and on shore by the aliens.

They got a lot more than that, according to their later retellings of the events that transpired on their trip. John Valley TimesCharles Rak changed his story, saying he saw strange lights during the camping trip, but the abduction part of the story was a total fabrication, and he went along with the narrative for financial gain. Charlie tried to signal “S.