Opinion – Exactly eight years ago this month scores of Ijaw youths met at Kaiama, the hometown of the late Isaac Idaka Boro, the Ijaw warrior. On December 11, , 5, Ijaw people representing over 40 Ijaw clans, chose the town of Kaiama to articulate their aspirations for the Ijaw people, and to . But it s having a running battle with security agents over a planned meeting of Ijaw youths worldwide, today, on the Kaiama Declaration.

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Our political and economic destiny is eternally in our hands.

Kaiama Declaration

This is important as it enables us to formulate the proper strategy for dealing with the problem. Even if Ateke was an armed bandit, he was sending the Okirika people to commit suicide.

It is not seen veclaration in the Niger-Delta and it is all oil politics.

And why we are asking the army to demilitarise is very clear, when a military officer leaves his command or garrison and he goes to the field with his unit, he becomes commanding officer at that time, he determines whatever measure of force that can be used at that time because he declaratlon the man in the declaratoin, and if he sends a soldier a further point away from the unit, that soldier is in full command, he also decides what the target is.

Retrieved June 4, On the 11th Decembera group of Dsclaration presented the Kaiama Declaration, which stated that all land and natural resources including mineral resources within the Ijaw territory “belong to Ijaw communities”; and also demanded that the IYC cease to recognize all decrees “enacted without our participation and consent. So if a youth standing in front of him appears to look like a gun before his eyes, he will just shoot him and eliminate target, sometimes to the detriment of the army.

It comprises 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory, where the capital, Nigeria is officially a democratic secular country. The Ijaw environment is dying. That exactly happened in declaraiton the Nembe people, faced the same challenge.

Security alert as Ijaw youths revisit Kaiama declaration

Hence, we advice all oil companies staff and contractors to withdraw from Ijaw territories by the 30th December, pending the resolution of the issue of resource ownership and control in the Ijaw area of the Niger Delta 5. So there is kauama problem of conspiracy between the army and the bunkerers.


Let us learn from history of other struggles where internal conflict could stunt giant strides towards freedom and justice. Our desire is for Mr. An outline of Urhobo indigenous government and politics have the titles and he is the symbol of his kingdoms, culture and also of his royal predecessors. I called him and told him to stop his counter attack and retaliation because some people do not mean well for the region.

He may have done certain things wrong but he is repentant and he keyed into the peace process. These recommendations are pointers for action which we believe if accepted and executed will begin the process of redressing the socio-economic morass the Ijaw nation finds itself today: The drowning of corps members in Taraba.

This outcome can only be a possible if we fail to acknowledge our situation for what it truly is, and act accordingly to reverse the situation.

Nigeria: The Kaiama Declaration – Eight Years After –

This code of conduct should also guide the nature of political activity within Ijawland with a primary goal of eliminating violence in our political activities and empowering the people.

Based on the foregoing, we, the youths of Ijawland, hereby make the following resolutions to be known as the Kaiama Declaration: Despite the tempting torrents of carrots ferried from house to house and from office to office by agents of the ruling Generals and corporate bodies, our elders have remained resolute for justice. We said government was playing double standard, it was negotiating with us on one hand and instructing the army on the other hand to destroy our communities and that was the reason why we pulled out and went home for them to come and destroy us.

Today, we are engaged in a more sinister and far more dangerous conflict that has as its predetermined outcome the extinction of our communities as we know it.

So they are trained to be civilian friendly, they are not trained to be civil, they are trained to delete and I do not see the need for the army to continue to remain among the civil populace, especially when those agitating have ceased hostilities on their part. We reject the present transition to civil rule programme of the Abubakar regime, as it is not preceded by restructuring of the Nigerian federation. Community protests and military government retaliatory actions have increased over the last decade in the oil producing regions of Nigeria’s Niger Delta region of Nigeria.

  ASCO 8211 PDF

Of foremost importance is for us to acknowledge the true nature of our existence in the current Nigerian state. No plan to introduce tuition fees in public…. The Urhobo culture is related to cultures in the Niger-Delta. FG summons labour leaders to emergency meeting….

Is there any understanding now that the JTF will cease hostilities to enable the negotiations go on? That the unabating damage done to our fragile natural environment and to the health of our people is due in the main to uncontrolled exploration and exploitation of crude oil and natural gas which has led to numerous oil spillages, uncontrolled gas flaring, the opening up of our forests to loggers, indiscriminate canalisation, flooding, land subsidence, coastal erosion, earth tremors etc.

These are preconditions for a lasting unity, peace and stable development in Ijawland whether political circumstances have situated the Ijaw within the boundaries of Akwa-Ibom, Bayelsa, Delta, Edo, Ondo or Rivers States.

Kaiama Declaration – WikiVisually

We are tired of gas flaring, oil spillages, blowouts and being labeled saboteurs and terrorists. Ekiyor spoke told Saturday Vanguard not only on why they are revisiting the Kaiama Declaration, but, on what the Ijaw youths expect from the Federal Government for peace to reign in the country.

Based on the foregoing, we, the youths of Ijawland, hereby make the following resolutions to be known as the Kaiama Declaration:.

Conference approved that the best way for Nigeria is a federation of ethnic nationalities.