Il secolo breve by Eric J. Hobsbawm, , che per l’ occasione è stata realizzata da Gipi (nome d’arte di Gianni. Il secolo breve. ( L’epoca piu’ violenta della storia dell’umanita’). by Hobsbawm Eric J. and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles. Un ‘secolo breve’ anche per l’accelerazione sempre più esasperata impressa Eric Hobsbawm, nato nel , affronta qui un compito arduo e affascinante anche per Apologia della storia: o Mestiere di storico (Piccola biblioteca Einaudi.

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But the only thing I took from the book was his I think accurate theory that the 20th century was “short” and could be described as the period between the start of WWI and the end of the cold war. La lotta di classe come lotta tra chi ha classe Hobsbawm e chi no. Will not historians extend the “Short” Twentieth Century just a little bit longerto ? My second re-read, and I still do not understand what she really meant, although being older and allegedly more wiser, I still fail to fully grasp her meaning.

Hobsbawm divides into three periods: This was coupled with technological displacement of industrial labour which further reduced the proportion of blue-collar citizens in Western countries and created the ‘rustbelt’ phenomenon.

Apart from a passing glance in its direction pp. In fact, when they moment came, power had not so much to be seized as to be picked up” Stalin is described as “an autocrat of exceptional, some might say unique, ferocity, ruthlessness and lack of scruple”.

Especially passages such as this one about Hobsbawm is a very interesting writer. Hobsbawm is undoubtedly such a genius, as evidenced by the universal praise this series has received from writers across the political spectrum. The Short 20th Century and his recent au Eric Hobsbawm, a self-confessed “unrepentant communist”, was professor emeritus of economic and social history of the University of London at Birkbeck. English Choose a language for shopping. Modern History 4 books. Se uno zinzinesimo di chiosa a un fatto italiano potrebbe essere stata scritta o interpretata meglio, fate un paragone: Oct 20, Steve Cooper rated it it was amazing.

Nevertheless, as the front between capitalism and communism congealed “from Stettin to Trieste” as the Cold War set in, the structural changes to Western democracies that came as a result of their wartime shift to the Left remained in place, even in America, where there was no return to classical liberalism.

Di una chiarezza, bellezza, precisione e schiettezza senza precedenti. Hobsbawm certainly popularised the notion of the short twentieth uobsbawm -a periodisation which is now widely used. What was the single thing without which there would have been no Hitler? He could not stand the compulsory ‘cure’ imposed on him.


Just as this was transpiring, the Western world was entering the Great Slump of economic hardship known as the Fi Depression, an economic downturn that Hobsbawm attributes to the destruction of the First World War and a post-war economic world system that depended on German war reparations and U. For example, what are we to make of this sentance? As the world economy moved beyond heavy industry to more knowledge- and information-based industries, the Soviets fell increasingly behind.

A great appendix to Hobsbawm’s history of the long nineteenth century French Revolution to WWIand a pretty decent place to start for 20th century history I would say.

I think he’s one of those historians that only makes sense if you’ve already spent a lifetime reading history and know the landscape pr I read this with a ton of hope: Lists with This Book. Nevertheless, he brings his not inconsiderable training and talents as a historian to the task and does provide a fascinatingly thorough analysis of the age.

Feminism, plate tectonics, quantum theory, fascism, video entertainment, the Cold War, free-market economics and so much more are served up fully, but are never bogged down with too much detail.

I’ve never read a better history than this one. I quite liked his style – a bit rambly, and some interesting and challenging ways of looking at events and the long view of history. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. He further argues that the backward peasant demographics of Russia “pressed” the Bolsheviks into abolishing any kind of democracy in the area which they controlled, thereby resorting to the progressive argument that ‘the few’ instinctively knew was was better for ‘the many’ and were therefore justified in confiscating the latter’s freedom.

It was Americans who infused the conflict with “crusader rhetoric”, he declaims.

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And he loves the phrase ‘looked like’ as in the Germans looked like winning. It is an aptly titled book. However, what I think she meant was Eric Hobsbawms stance on Soviet Russi I remember, a long time ago I read this when it was first published in – I was a social history student at Swansea Uni – and my lecturer told me this book was a ‘departure for Hobsbawm’.

At the time he finishes his study inthe world looked quite bleak even though the collapse of the Soviet Union saw a ‘victory’ for free market economies and the stagnation of state planned ones. One can only begin to appreciate the thrust of something as extensive as a century – even a “short” one – by looming over it from aloft, which Hobsbawm does on the wings of his advanced contemporary age and command of historical knowledge, bringing the reader into flight with him and periodically swooping down to treat him to a closer look at its particulars.


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For millenia we could take man’s rural existence for granted: As previously mentioned, Hobsbawm believes that the germ cells of xi Soviet Union’s collapse were present at the beginning of its existence.

His discussion about growing inequality, climatic effects, globalisation and the challenges of population growth could have come out of yesterday’s newspaper the book was published in To ask other readers brevee about The Age of Extremesplease sign up. The Age of Extremeswhich covers most of 20th century American and European international politics, is a good read for any one interested in knowing at an intermediate level why things happened the way they did in Euro-US politics.

The Age of Extremes: A History of the World, by Eric Hobsbawm

This paved the way for what Hobsbawm calls the “Golden Era”, the third quarter of the twentieth century ri which not only the developed world, but the developing world experienced profound economic growth.

This era was characterized by the proliferation of the welfare state and near full employment the unemployment rate was 1.

An avowed communist in his sympathies, Hobsbawm nonetheless writes a remarkably secol history of his times, with interesting sidelights on the art and science of the century. The subject matter, the times in which I have lived much of my life, offers the chance to compare my own take on what I have known with the far more comprehensive understanding that Hobsbawm provides.

Overview Hobsbawm divides the Short Twentieth Century into three periods: Thatcherite Britain and Reaganite America of the s were the paragons of this shift to laissez-faire economics.

Il secolo breve 1914-1991

I’ll go back to it when I’m a bitter old man and probably like it. Again not because they’re not clear, just that secolk is a lot of thought to take in. There is no better to place to start than with these books. Includes 32 pages of photos. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.